Way or purpose: why do freelancers burn out?

Have you ever noticed a thing like this: like I bought some cool new thing, I was glad for a few days, and then everything was used? Happened the same? This happens to everyone. The name is a hedonistic adaptation.

Man is a complex being, and therefore he simply does not know how long to enjoy a particular goal. Yes, at first everything seems to be great, everything pleases, but then everything. A new goal is needed.

This also happens with freelancers. Listen to them, enthusiastic, already tears of emotion come through “Here, I’ll write not 50 dollars, but 100, then we’ll live.” Familiar?

Time passes, the age of one hundred dollars comes, and suddenly it turns out that there is no special happiness again. Pleased, jumped and used. Again, the goal is 300 dollars. That’s when…

The goal is always a traitor

The problem is that whatever goals you set, they will not please you by themselves. Yes, business citations are taught differently, but psychologists know the truth better than publishers. The goal is always a mirage, it saturates only for a while.

That’s why you are unlikely to see millionaires galloping with happiness around the clock. For them, their goals are common. They do not see them. There will always be a thought that “there, beyond the horizon, is happiness.” And in the goal it is not at all. She’s a pawn. So what is happiness then?

Happiness is on the way

A person cannot be happy with a goal for a long time, but he can be happy in his own way. Do you think I’m wasting harp on every corner – “start your site”, “create a name for yourself”, “look for yourself a niche” and other already boring to me personally truths?

When you chose your path, for example, the development of the site, you get a pass to the endless expanses. Now you live by walking and going. Reach and reach. The first order, the first tip, the first repost, new services. The first mention, the expansion of services, the first webinar – a million branches.

The path cannot end or get bored, because it is endless, unlike goals. And yet – the way brings a sense of action. Achieving the goal stops, the way – disperses. From the pass to the pass. From success to success. Choose your own way, not the goal, and then your life will be full of meaning. It is impossible to get used to the way, it becomes the meaning of life.

The next time you start dreaming about a new car or an increase of 100 dollars per text, remember the way. He is more important. Decide, for example, that you will reach heights in a convincingly positive way or create your own direction in copywriting. You will develop your skills and write books. I will not “write five books”, but “I will write books”. A huge difference. Or decide to follow the path of a man who never lies and pumped through it. Or you’ll go by the way of an ideal family man.

And then every day of the road will not bring you closer to the finish line, but give new interesting tasks that you will never get used to. A way, not a goal, a colleague!