What are BDU cargo pants?

What are BDU cargo pants?

BDUs are fatigues that have been used forever by active duty military personnel, tactical teams and any looking for a comfortable, rugged, fashionable pair of cargo pants. Our BDU pants offer ample storage space with a six-pocket design to keep your essential tools readily available.

What does BDU pants stand for?

Battle Dress Uniform
BDU means Battle Dress Uniform. These pants are what is issued to US military and many law enforcement officers use these as part of their uniform while in the field.

Are Rothco BDU pants any good?

4.0 out of 5 stars Good pants with just one issue. These are well-made pants. The fabric seems very durable, and the fit is good. My only issue is with the cargo pockets.

How do you wear BDU pants?

As a rule, the BDU pant leg should be between the top of the ankle to just touching the floor. Proper length is necessary for blousing (see step 5). Select the right waist size to ensure best fit and function.

Are BDU pants cargo pants?

Equipped with adjustable waist tabs, the military cargo pants can be altered for the perfect fit. Constructed with the classic military button fly and drawstring ankle ties, the pants can perfectly cinch around your ankle or blouse over your boot.

Are BDU and tactical pants the same?

Overt tactical pants mimic military uniforms with combat features like deep-set cargo pockets allowed for ample storage and convenient carry. They look very similar to BDU pants, the legendary battle dress uniform worn in combat until the 80s. If functionality is the priority, overt tactical pants are your speed.

What does BDU stand for in military clothing?

The Battle Dress Uniform in woodland camouflage was first issued in 1981 and has a wear-out date of April 30. The Desert Battle Dress Uniform and many of the uniforms’ matching accessories are also being retired. They have been replaced by the digit… (

What is the difference between BDU and tactical pants?

Are Rothco pants waterproof?

Rothco’s Waterproof Feature Icon highlights our entire collection of waterproof items including waterproof jackets, tactical boots and rain wear. …

What size BDU pants do I need?

Sizing chart for BDU Pants, Fatigue Pants and Paratrooper Pants….Pants Size Chart.

Size Waist
X-Small up to 27 inches
Small 27-31 inches
Medium 31-35 inches
Large 35-39 inches

Should BDU pants be baggy?

As already stated multiple times, BDUs are supposed to be baggy, as well as some tactical pants. You probably should look into the world of tactical pants, maybe some marketed as “EMT” pants or maybe just hit up Walmart for some Dickies.

Are BDUs supposed to be baggy?

These are BDUs. They are meant to be baggy in the thighs and the crotch. The thighs need to have ample room in the event that the cargo pockets are used to store large and bulky items. If you want to wear BDUs, learn how to sew a button back on them.