What are some synonyms of scenario?

What are some synonyms of scenario?


  • plot.
  • scheme.
  • book.
  • outline.
  • rundown.
  • sketch.
  • summary.
  • synopsis.

What is another way to say best case scenario?

What is another word for best-case scenario?

ideal situation ideal
best target
goal optimum
best possible barometer
gold standard best fit

What is the slang word for gun?

shooter (slang) piece (slang) rod (slang) heater (US, slang) handgun.

What is weapon synonym?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for weapon. arm, armament, munitions, weaponry.

What is scenario example?

The definition of a scenario is a series of events that is projected to occur. When you run through all of the possible outcomes of a conversation in your head, this is an example of a situation where you run through all possible scenarios.

What is the opposite of scenario?

Noun. ▲ Opposite of the situation or state of affairs. certainty. good fortune.

What is the definition of best case scenario?

Best Case Scenario Meaning Definition: The best possible outcome. This cliché refers to an outcome that people are most hoping for. It can be used to describe outcomes in short-term or long-term events.

What is another word for worst case scenario?

What is another word for worst-case scenario?

catastrophe disaster
trouble adversity
cataclysm mire
quagmire quandary
tragedy conundrum

What are nicknames for a gun?

Slang for Gun

  • Heat/heater: commonly used to describe a weapon of some kind, usually a pistol.
  • Gat: Came from shortening Gattling gun to just gat.
  • Strapped: You are considered “strapped” when you are in possession of a fire-arm.
  • Leng: Any type of weapon, i.e a knife or a gun.
  • Hammer:

Is Gat slang for gun?

(archaic, slang, in old westerns) A Gatling gun. (slang, 1920’s gangster) Any type of gun; usually in reference to a pistol. …

What kind of rounds can you put in a pistol IDPA?

Is your pistol IDPA legal? 1 SSP – 10 rounds. 2 ESP – 10 rounds. 3 CDP – 8 rounds. 4 CCP – 8 rounds. 5 REV – 6 rounds. 6 BUG – 6 rounds total.

How is the score determined in IDPA shooting?

Ranging from Stock Service Pistol to Custom Defensive Pistol and even Back-Up Gun Revolver, IDPA forces its participants to focus solely on handguns, revolvers or pistol caliber carbines. Scoring at matches is determined by the overall time it takes a shooter to complete the string with time added for penalties.

What’s the difference between the IDPA and the USPSA?

IDPA tightly controls sidearm alterations, adopting the idea that shooters should rely on skill as opposed to heavily modified race equipment. In addition, magazine capacity is limited to 10 rounds. Like USPSA, IDPA is divided into divisions that specify what a shooter can and can’t do within stages.

What are the different types of USPSA guns?

Governed by the International Practical Shooting Confederation, USPSA offers a few categories to include handgun, rifle, shotgun and multi-gun further divided into divisions to cater to factory guns and even tricked out firearms.