What are the dimensions of a Volkswagen Caddy van?

What are the dimensions of a Volkswagen Caddy van?

The short-wheelbase Caddy is 1885mm wide, 4500mm long and 1856mm high, giving you a load space length of 1797mm, a width of 1613mm and 1272mm in height. The long-wheelbase Caddy Cargo Maxi adds 353mm to the length of the van, making it 4853mm long and increasing its load length to 2150mm.

Can you camp in a VW Caddy?

We love the VW Caddy Camper and this it’s about time it got the recognition it deserved. This compact, affordable camper is ideal for van life travel and will allow you to drive, park and camp anywhere you would like.

How long is a VW Caddy van?

The standard VW Caddy has a wheelbase of 2,682mm, an overall length of 4,408mm, an overall height of 1,823mm and an overall width of 1,793mm (2,065mm including the door mirrors).

Are Caddy vans reliable?

Reliability and Safety The Caddy has a good reputation for reliability. The Caddy is also a very safe van, with ESC electronic stability control standard across the range – the only small van to match this is the Mercedes Citan.

Can you lay down in the back of a VW Caddy?

Sleeping arrangements are simple in the Caddy Mini-Camper. One 6.5-foot long mattress is provided and will set up easily in the rear. Just fold down the rear seats and roll out the mattress. Entry and egress are easy from either of sliding doors on each side.

How much is a VW Caddy camper?

Volkswagen has launched the Caddy California compact camper in the UK, with prices starting at just under £30,000….Gallery: Volkswagen Caddy California.

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Is the Sportsmobile Classic a 4×4 Van?

Sportsmobile Classic 4×4 – Ford Cutaway Chassis The Sportsmobile Classic is the latest iteration in line of heavy duty 4×4 Adventure Vans from Sportsmobile. Currently in production, the Classic takes a Ford Cutaway body and molds it with a steel reinforced fiberglass shell.

Can a Sportsmobile be used as a family car?

Our surveys show that almost all Sportsmobile owners also use them as their first or second family car. City streets, back roads, and mountains are all taken in stride. And they’re easy to park! Sportsmobile Southwest has an immediate opening for an RV Service Technician in the Phoenix area.

What’s the warranty on a Sportsmobile West 4×4?

Sportsmobile West 4×4 Conversions Limited Warranty 36 months/36,000 miles covers parts and labor on new van installs. Note: Sportsmobile interior conversion has a 5 year / unlimited miles limited warranty. Some floor plans that work well with the Classic van. A product manager can assist you in what will work best for you.

How many miles does a Sportsmobile have?

It has always been a great weekender/travel machine and ser… This Nissan NV2500 Van V8 engine, RWD Sportsmobile has just over 26,000 miles. It is comparable to an elderly person owning it that lived in Arizona a…