What are the field properties in access?

What are the field properties in access?

Which properties you can assign to a field in Access depends on which data type the field was assigned.

  • Field Size. In the Field Size box for Text fields, enter the maximum number of characters that can be entered in the field.
  • Format.
  • Decimal Places.
  • Input Mask.
  • Caption.
  • Default Value.
  • Validation Rule.
  • Validation Text.

Which two properties are required for every field in access?

Two properties are required for every field: Field Name and Data Type.

What is Table properties in MS Access?

In an Access database, table properties are attributes of a table that affect the appearance or behavior of the table as a whole. Table properties are set in the table’s property sheet, in Design view. For example, you can set a table’s Default View property to specify how the table is displayed by default.

What are the different elements of Access 2010?

Databases in Access 2010 are composed of four objects: tables, queries, forms, and reports. Together, these objects allow you to enter, store, analyze, and compile your data however you want.

What are the field types in access?

Field Types and Uses in Access 2019 Databases

  • Short Text.
  • Long Text.
  • Number.
  • Currency.
  • AutoNumber (this data type is applied, by default, to the starting ID field in any new table)
  • Date/Time.
  • Yes/No.
  • Lookup & Relationship.

What are the two views you can use to create a table in access?

The two most important views are: Datasheet View allows you to enter information into your database. It is in a table format similar to Excel. Design View allows you to setup and edit the fields of your database.

What are the two main functions of queries in databases?

Queries come in two basic varieties: select queries and action queries. A select query simply retrieves the data and makes it available for use. You can view the results of the query on the screen, print it out, or copy it to the clipboard.

What are the properties of table?

General table properties

  • Tables manage attributes. This means they store information.
  • Tables contain rows. Each row is one record.
  • All rows in a table have the same columns. Columns are also called fields.
  • Each field has a data type and a name.

What are table properties in DBMS?

SQL Table is a collection of data which is organized in terms of rows and columns. In DBMS, the table is known as relation and row as a tuple. Table is a simple form of data storage. A table is also considered as a convenient representation of relations.

What are the elements of MS Access?

Answer: The major components of MS Access are as follows:

  • Tables.
  • Queries.
  • Relationships.
  • Macros.
  • Forms.
  • Reports.
  • Module.

What are the elements of Microsoft Access program window?

The Access window contains a variety of menus, toolbars, and other features that allow you to create and work with your database. The major features of the window include the title bar, menu, toolbar, Database window, and status bar.