What are the ingredients of a caipirinha?

What are the ingredients of a caipirinha?

1 2/3 oz Cachaça
2 Teaspoons brown sugarHalf a lime cut into 4 wedges

How do you make a caipirinha without cachaça?

Caipirinha, Brazil’s national drink is made with cachaca, a potent sugarcane liquor. You can substitute light rum if you can’t find cachaca.

Is cachaça a rum?

Cachaça is a distinctly Brazilian product, distilled from fermented sugarcane juice. While rum can also be made from sugarcane juice, most is distilled from molasses. The type of rum made from sugarcane juice is known as rhum agricole, and is therefore a closer stylistic match to cachaça.

When was the caipirinha invented?

19th century
According to historians, the caipirinha was invented by landowning farmers in the region of Piracicaba, interior of the State of São Paulo during the 19th century as a local drink for ‘high standard’ events and parties, a reflection of the strong sugarcane culture in the region.

What are the ingredients in a caipirinha cocktail?

Today, it is a hit worldwide and should be on every home and pro bartender’s essential drink list . The basic caipirinha recipe is straightforward and requires just three ingredients: cachaça, lime, and sugar. Like the old-fashioned and mojito, this is a muddled cocktail, though the liquor of choice here is cachaça.

How to make Caipirinha with lime and cachaca?

Steps 1 In a double rocks glass, muddle the lime wedges and sugar. 2 Fill the glass with ice, add the cachaça, and stir briefly. 3 Garnish with a lime wheel. More

What makes a caipirinha different from other rums?

Most rums are distilled from molasses, a byproduct of sugarcane processing, while cachaça is distilled from the fermented juice of sugar cane. This important difference yields a distinct spirit that is characterized by its funky, grassy flavors, which set the Caipirinha apart from other sweet-and-sour cocktails like the Daiquiri .

Is the caipirinha a good warm weather drink?

Plus, it can serve as inspiration for many other tasty drinks. “The caipirinha is a great warm-weather drink that every cocktail maker should have in their repertoire. It is basically a muddled daiquiri, but the brightness of the muddled limes and the cachaça set it apart.