What are the prettiest villages in Kent?

What are the prettiest villages in Kent?

10 Most Picturesque Villages in Kent

  • Broadstairs.
  • Wye.
  • Maidstone.
  • Chiddingstone.
  • Elham.
  • Penshurst.
  • Godmersham.
  • Biddenden.

Where is the prettiest part of Kent?

10 of the prettiest places to visit in Kent

  • Whitstable.
  • Sandwich.
  • Faversham.
  • Westerham.
  • Sevenoaks.
  • Royal Tunbridge Wells.
  • West Malling. The small market town of West Malling is home to plenty of old buildings, pretty shops and great eateries to sample along the way.
  • Cranbrook. Another pretty Wealden town is Cranbrook.

What are the nicest towns in Kent?

The best towns in Kent

  • Canterbury. A market town which is technically a city, Canterbury combines cultural activities and highly rated educational establishments with historic landmarks and nearby nature, making it a hit with families and students alike.
  • Royal Tunbridge Wells.
  • Belvedere.
  • Ashford.
  • Sandwich.

What’s the oldest village in Kent?

Newenden. Newenden is the first village in Kent and also the smallest one in the county. The earliest reference to Newenden is in AD 791.

What is the biggest village in Kent?

More interesting facts about Kent

  • Maidstone is the largest town in Kent, with a population of 113,137 people (2011)
  • The west Kent town of Royal Tunbridge Wells is one of only four ‘Royal’ towns in Britain.

What’s the smallest village in Kent?

Fordwich /ˈfɔːrdwɪtʃ/ is a remnant market town and a civil parish in east Kent, England, on the River Stour, northeast of Canterbury. It is the smallest community by population in Britain with a town council….

Civil parish Fordwich
District City of Canterbury
Shire county Kent
Region South East

Where is the safest place to live in Kent?

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  • Charing, Ashford – 48 crimes.
  • Sturry South, Canterbury – 49 crimes.
  • Lydden and Temple Ewell, Dover – 51 crimes.
  • Leeds, Maidstone – 53 crimes.
  • Sevenoaks Eastern, Sevenoaks – 55 crimes.
  • Sutton Valence and Langley, Maidstone – 57 crimes.
  • Halstead, Knockholt and Badgers Mount, Sevenoaks – 59 crimes.

Is Kent beautiful?

With the iconic White Cliffs and easy-on-the-eye seaside enclaves, Kent’s coastline is particularly special but the inland countryside is pretty spectacular too, here you can expect to see miles of gently rolling hills dotted with romantic stately homes, cultivated country estates, fruit-laden orchards, and some of the …

What’s the worst place to live in Kent?

A poll on satirical website ILiveHere has revealed that the town of Swanley was the worst place to live in Kent. ILiveHere is a website where local residents take brutal digs and swipes at their hometown – all in the name of satire.

How many villages are there in Kent?

The county of Kent has over 400 villages that range from very small to the size of a small town. The latter category includes those that designate themselves towns even though local government is by a civil parish council.

What is the highest village in Kent?

Ide Hill is a village within the civil parish of Sundridge with Ide Hill, in the Sevenoaks District of Kent, England. It stands on one of the highest points of the Greensand Ridge about five miles south-west of Sevenoaks….

Ide Hill
Postcode district TN14
Dialling code 01732
Police Kent

What is the smallest village in Kent?

Which is the most beautiful village in Kent?

1 Chilham. A lovely village situated only 15 minutes by car from Canterbury, Chilham is one of the top 5 beautiful villages in Kent. 2 Fordwich. Home to only 381 residences, Fordwich may be considered a village by all standards, but it’s actually a town. 3 Biddenden. 4 Chiddingstone. 5 Ightham.

Which is the smallest village in the UK?

Home to only 381 residences, Fordwich may be considered a village by all standards, but it’s actually a town. One of the prettiest towns in Kent and “Britain’s Smallest Town”! Everything is tiny, pretty, and memorable in Fordwich. From its small town hall to the 16 th century Watergate House, this gorgeous rural town is picture perfect.

Which is the best Tudor village in Kent?

Chiddingstone is a National Trust site and one of the oldest villages in Kent. One of the best preserved Tudor villages in the country, step back and time and enjoy Chiddingstone’s well-preserved historic buildings, cobbled pavements and its narrow main street.

Which is the oldest village in the Sevenoaks?

One of the oldest villages in Kent, Chiddingstone is an idyllic destination in the Sevenoaks region. The village illustrates the beauty of the Tudor period. Its well-preserved buildings and cobblestone streets create the illusion that time stood still back when life was simpler.