What are the results of the Ashoka Fellowship?

What are the results of the Ashoka Fellowship?

The results of Ashoka’s shared leadership with the focus on solving social challenges is clear: 74 percent of Fellows have managed to change the legislation or have influenced public policies. [Ashoka] functions as a collaborative network that supports and amplifies change by bringing together changemakers.

How is Ashoka helping to make everyone a Changemaker?

Ashoka is a living encyclopedia of social innovation across the globe. We pioneered the field of social entrepreneurship and are now building toward an “Everyone A Changemaker” world: where all of us have the confidence and support to contribute to the common good. Join us in shaping this more resilient, inclusive, equitable future.

How does Ashoka carry for Good Pledge work?

With Ashoka’s “Carry for Good” Pledge, you commit to making a small annual contribution and donating a self-chosen percent of your personal carried interest at the time of your exit to high impact social innovation for the common good.

What did Bill Drayton tell us about Ashoka?

Bill Drayton emphasized to us [that] empathy is increasingly becoming our primary resource for dealing with the exponential rate of change the world is going through. We recognize a new era is about to start. In this new era, empathy and changemaking skills, which Ashoka exemplifies, would equip our young people to lead the country.

When is the Ashoka Changemaker summit in Europe?

That’s what the Ashoka Changemaker Summit is all about. And while the European editions of this event (in… “From November 17-19, 2020 the largest network of leading social innovators will gather at the online “Ashoka Changemaker Summit” to “ Rediscover Certainty ”.

How does Ashoka work as a global changemaker?

Ashoka’s country and regional offices around the world co-create and co-lead Ashoka’s programming. This enables our global changemaker community to capture and act upon emerging insights, knowledge, and talents of innovators from a wide range of cultural and regional contexts.