What are the types of static testing tools?

What are the types of static testing tools?

Types of Static Testing :

  • Software Inspection : Inspection process is performed in the earlier stages of the SLDC and is applied to a specific part of product like SRS, code, product design.
  • Structured Walkthroughs : This type of static testing is less formal and not so rigorous in nature.
  • Technical Reviews :

What are the parts of static testing?

Static Testing Techniques

  • Informal Reviews.
  • Walkthroughs.
  • Technical Reviews.
  • Inspections.
  • Static Analysis. Data Flow. Control Flow.

What are static and dynamic testing techniques?

Static Testing involves checklist for testing process. Dynamic Testing involves test cases for testing process. It includes walkthroughs, code review, inspection etc. It involves functional and nonfunctional testing. It generally takes shorter time.

Which is not a static testing technique?

Static analysis – The code written by developers are analysed (usually by tools) for structural defects that may lead to defects. In this software is tested without executing the code by doing Review, Walk Through, Inspection or Analysis etc. Hence, Error guessing is not a static software testing technique.

Which is not a static testing tools?

What are the types of dynamic testing?

Main procedure. The process and function of dynamic testing in software development, dynamic testing can be divided into unit testing, integration testing, system testing, acceptance testing and finally regression testing.

What are different types of review in static testing?

Review is of four types:

  • Informal: In informal review the creator of the documents put the contents in front of audience and everyone gives their opinion and thus defects are identified in the early stage.
  • Walkthrough:
  • Peer review:
  • Inspection:

Which is the best definition of static testing?

Static Testing, a software testing technique in which the software is tested without executing the code. Review – Typically used to find and eliminate errors or ambiguities in documents such as requirements, design, test cases, etc. Static analysis – The code written by developers are analysed (usually by tools)…

How are informal reviews used in static testing?

In this chapter we are going to discuss about the static testing technique i.e Informal review, Walkthrough, Inspection, Technical Reviews. Reviews are vary from informal to formal review. Informal reviews are applied in the early stages of the life cycle of the document. These reviews are conducted between two person team.

How to write an effective test strategy document?

Creating an effective test strategy document is a skill which you must acquire. By writing a test strategy plan you can define the testing approach of your project. Test strategy document should be circulated to all the team members so that every team member will be consistent with the testing approach.

What are the different types of testing techniques?

Based on the testing information flow, a testing technique specifies the strategy used in testing to select input test cases and analyze test results. Different techniques reveal different quality aspects of a software system, and there are two major categories of testing techniques, functional and structural.