What awards did Matt Christopher get?

What awards did Matt Christopher get?

Matt Christopher is well-known for his sports fiction novels and has won the 1993 Milner Award, given annually to the author whose books are most liked by the children of Atlanta, Georgia.

How many awards did Matt Christopher win?

At 14, Matt Christopher decided to become a writer. At 18, he won an award in a Writer’s Digest short-story contest. Years later, he would point out that there were 200 awards and his was for 191st place. His best-known books were ”The Lucky Baseball Bat” and his favorite, ”The Kid Who Only Hit Homers.

Is Matt Christopher dead?

Deceased (1917–1997)
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What reading level are Matt Christopher books?

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What inspired Matt Christopher to write?

Inspired by his adolescent job of selling such publications as the Saturday Evening Post and Country Gentleman, at the age of eighteen, Christopher entered a writing contest sponsored by Writer’s Digest, finishing as one of the contest’s top 200 finalists.

What genre is Matt Christopher?

Christopher became well-known for his sports fiction novels for children with over 130 titles bearing his name. He was awarded numerous writing honors from state organizations as well as the 1993 Milner Award.

Where was Matt Christopher born?

Bath, Pennsylvania, United States
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When was Matt Christopher born?

August 16, 1917
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Christopher was born on August 16, 1917, in Bath, Pennsylvania, the eldest of nine children born to Fred and Mary Christopher. His family moved frequently throughout his childhood as his father struggled to find consistent work during the Great Depression of the 1930s.

Where did Matt Christopher live?

Life. Matthew Christopher was born in Bath, Pennsylvania, the oldest of nine children. He was a gifted athlete as a child, excelling in nearly every sport he attempted, especially baseball and football, which he played in high school when the family moved to Ludlowville, New York.