What city is MGCCC in?

What city is MGCCC in?

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College – Perkinston Campus/City

Who is the dean of MGCCC?

Kady Pietz named MGCCC Dean of Business Services at Jefferson Davis Campus.

How many campuses does MGCCC have?

three campuses
MGCCC has three campuses and six centers: The main campus in Perkinston; the Jackson County Campus is in Gautier; the Harrison County Campus is in Gulfport; with the George County Center in Lucedale; the West Harrison County Center in Long Beach; the Advanced Manufacturing & Technology Center in Gulfport; the Keesler …

What is MGCCC known for?

MGCCC is dedicated to enhancing economic growth and the quality of life in South Mississippi by providing residents and employers with workforce education programs, lifelong learning opportunities and basic skills development.

Does Mgccc have dorms?

Welcome to Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College Residence Life. Whether you are a new student, transferring from another college, or a continuing MGCCC student, living on campus is the way to go!

What county is Perkinston MS in?

Stone County
The oldest settlement in Stone County is Perkinston, located in the central part of the county on land homesteaded around 1880 by a Mr. Perkins.

What colleges are in Gulfport Mississippi?

Blue Cliff College – Gulfport
Chris’ Beauty CollegeJ & J Hair Design College
Gulfport/Colleges and Universities

What college is in Biloxi?

Virginia College-Gulf Coast
Biloxi/Colleges and Universities

What degree programs is Mgccc known for?

MGCCC Schools are designed to give students various options within similar areas of study to make their path to successful degree completion easier.

  • Business, Law, Hospitality, & Culinary.
  • Engineering, Mathematics, Data Science, & IT.
  • Human Sciences & Education.
  • Language Arts.
  • Manufacturing, Maritime, & Transportation.

How much is tuition at Mgccc?

Local tuition 3,750 USD, Domestic tuition 6,850 USD (2019 – 20)
Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College – Perkinston Campus/Undergraduate tuition and fees

How much is housing at Mgccc?

Housing Rates

Residence Hall Price per semester
Andrews $1,200
Bryan $1,300
Canizaro $1,300
New Residence Hall $1,500

What kinds of campus activities and organizations does Mgccc offer?

Clubs and Organizations

  • Alpha Beta Gamma (JC, PC)
  • Baptist Student Union (JC, JD, PC, GCC)
  • Campus Activities Board (CAB) (JC, JD, PC)
  • Choral Activities (JC)
  • Circle K (JC)
  • Coastal Vibrations (JD)
  • College Republicans (JC)
  • Criminal Justice Club (JD)