What company has a blue square logo?

What company has a blue square logo?

American Express
That’s exactly what American Express did with their logo. They use a blue logo that contains the brand name with a sans-serif font—all wrapped up in a square. Did you notice that the 3 main design elements all represent solid traits like reliability and strong foundations?

What is the logo with a blue?

Boeing, Dell, Ford, General Electric (GE), General Motors (GM), and Intel are listed as dependable. Many of these companies have been around for years. American Express, Bank of America, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Chase Bank, and Visa may use blue in their logos to help instill trust in these financial brands.

Why does Oreo use blue?

The brand conveys to the consumer that Oreo is a one-of-a-kind experience for the entire family. Oreo uses bright colors that stand out among other cookie packaging to show they are unique. The oreo blues are very saturated, even the lighter shade of blue has a very saturated brightness look.

What company has a yellow square logo?

Lego. Everybody has a strong association with Legos; it is one of the many long-established household names, which was established in 1932. In 1950 the company finally added a yellow square to its logo.

What do the squares on the Microsoft logo mean?

The red is for Microsoft Office, the green is for XBOX, the blue is for the Windows operating system, and yellow is for Bing. Symbolically, the logo is packing a lot of information, but because the squares are symmetrical, it’s easy to combine them to form eye-pleasing shapes.

What kind of logo has an orange border?

Oval shaped logo that is dominantly white and a border that is irregular and an orange/brown color: Haagen Dazs Red square with a white quarter circle or perhaps white half rainbow shape on right side: North Face Chrome circle with dark red sort of rounded square shape in middle: Fiat

When did gap stop using the square logo?

Gap Gap’s familiar square logo is so iconic that when the company tried to rebrand it in 2010, there was such a huge backlash from customers that the new logo was scrapped. It only took one week for Gap to read the writing on the wall and revert back to their much-loved logo.

Where did the blue and yellow equality logo come from?

The blue and yellow equality logo was introduced by the Human Rights Campaign Fund in 1995. It was part of a new era for HRFC — an era in which the organization strove to reach mainstream advocacy for the LGBT community. Today, the Human Rights Campaign as it is now known, is the largest LGBT advocacy group in the nation.