What did Susan Helms accomplish?

What did Susan Helms accomplish?

Susan Helms is an explorer and risk-taker with a lifetime of first accomplishments for women. A retired Air Force lieutenant general (LTG) and astronaut, Helms was the first military woman in space and holds the world record for the longest spacewalk (eight hours, 56 minutes).

How long was Susan Helms space walk?

8 hours 56 minutes
On March 11 Helms and Voss performed a space walk that made room for a temporary storage module and that lasted 8 hours 56 minutes, making it the longest space walk ever.

Is Susan Helms alive?

Helms officially retired from the United States Air Force in 2014. In 2020, she was elected a member of the National Academy of Engineering for accomplishments in civil and military space programs….Susan Helms.

Susan Jane Helms
Born February 26, 1958 Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S.
Status Retired
Occupation Engineer
Space career

When did Susan Helms go into space?

Helms first entered space on STS-54 Endeavour, from January 13 to 19, 1993. The primary objective of this mission was to deploy a $200-million NASA Tracking and Data Relay Satellite. Her next space mission was STS-64 Discovery, from September 9 to 20, 1994.

Who was the first woman to walk in space?

The first American woman in space, Sally Ride, spent seven days aboard the space shuttle Challenger during its STS-7 mission in June 1983. Kathryn Sullivan, who travelled to space the following year, became the first American woman to complete a spacewalk.

Who was the first Chinese to walk in space?

Zhai Zhigang
Zhai Zhigang, (born October 10, 1966, Longjiang, Qiqihar, Heilongjiang, China), Chinese astronaut who performed China’s first spacewalk.

How long was the longest space walk?

The record is currently held by Anatoly Solovyev of the Russian Federal Space Agency, with 82:22 hours from 16 EVAs, followed by NASA’s Michael Lopez-Alegria with 67:40 hours in 10 EVAs.

Who got pregnant in space?

And that was how Anna Fisher became the world’s first mother to go to space. A few weeks after being chosen for a flight, Fisher gave birth to a daughter, Kristin. She will soon mark the 35th anniversary of her flight, the day she became an inspirational figure to working moms everywhere — including to her daughter.

When was the first Chinese space walk?

During the Shenzhou 7 mission in 2008, Zhai Zhigang became the first Chinese citizen to carry out a spacewalk. In 2012, Liu Yang became the first Chinese woman to be launched into space when she was launched aboard Shenzhou 9. As of 2021, thirteen Chinese nationals have traveled in space.

When was China’s first space walk?

Shenzhou 7 was launched on September 25, 2008, and carried three astronauts; one of them, commander Zhai Zhigang, made the first Chinese space walk….Shenzhou.

mission Shenzhou 7
dates September 25–28, 2008
crew Zhai Zhigang, Liu Boming, Jing Haipeng
notable accomplishments first Chinese spacewalk (Zhai)

Who was Susan Helms and what did she do?

Susan Helms. She was the commander, 14th Air Force (Air Forces Strategic); and commander, Joint Functional Component Command for Space at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. Helms was a crew member on five Space Shuttle missions and was a resident of the International Space Station (ISS) for over five months in 2001.

When did Susan Helms retire from the Air Force?

While participating in ISS Expedition 2, she and Jim Voss conducted an 8-hour and 56 minute spacewalk, the world record for the longest spacewalk (and the longest spacewalk for a woman). Helms officially retired from the United States Air Force in 2014.

How long was Susan Helms mission in space?

Mission duration was 10 days, 22 hours, 51 minutes. STS-78 Columbia, June 20 to July 7, 1996, Helms was the payload commander and flight engineer aboard Columbia, on the longest Space Shuttle mission to date (later that year the STS-80 mission broke its record by nineteen hours).