What do you do with outdated blog posts?

What do you do with outdated blog posts?

Add the latest information to the blog

  1. Study what your competitors have covered in their posts.
  2. Check that all the links point to the appropriate blog/source.
  3. Replace links to old stats/data with the latest ones.
  4. Remove parts of the content which you find no longer relevant.
  5. Add the latest content to the blog.

How do I revive an old blog post?

How to revive old blog content

  1. Choose the best articles to revive for maximum results. Revising every little article you ever wrote is rarely an efficient use of your time.
  2. Revise / update those articles.
  3. Expand on old ideas with follow-up posts.

How do you update a blog?

Edit a post

  1. Sign in to Blogger.
  2. Under the name of a blog, click Posts.
  3. Click the title of the post.
  4. Make your changes. To check how your post will look when it’s published, click Preview.
  5. For posts that: Have been published: Click Update or Revert to draft. Haven’t been published: Click Publish or Save.

Is it bad to delete old blog posts?

The short answer is YES! If your old blog posts are out-of-date, irrelevant and/or poor quality and cannot be salvaged, then yes, you should delete your old blog posts.

Should I keep old blog posts?

Bad for SEO: Old blog posts that are outdated and irrelevant are now useless and are simply poor quality content. It’s taking up space and has no value. Loss of revenue: Old blog posts may still be getting traffic and this is a complete waste of potential revenue you could make use of.

How do I republish an old blog post?

To republish an old post, go to the Publish box in the top right hand corner of the Edit Post screen and click on the Edit link next to Publish immediately. Simply change the date to a future date later today or tomorrow and click ok then click Publish to Schedule the post for republishing.

How do I republish an old blog?

How do you update content?

Updating Old Content – A Step-by-Step Approach

  1. Collect Your Data. The first question is, which posts are the ones you should optimize?
  2. Find the Right Pages to Update.
  3. Update Your Keyword Research.
  4. Analyze Search Intent.
  5. Improve Your Headlines.
  6. Update the Content.
  7. Remember Your On-Page SEO.
  8. Improve Your Calls to Action.

Should I delete blog posts?

They are no longer relevant to your blog. In other words, if the post is no longer useful to your audience and there’s no way to salvage them, then it’s best to delete them instead of leaving them around. The reason for deleting them is to prevent alienating your audience with irrelevant pages.

Should I archive old blog posts?

If you’ve been blogging for a while, you might look at your old content and wonder when, if ever, you should archive blog posts. When deciding whether or not to do so, you should keep in mind the importance of continuing to get value from your old posts and making it easy for your current readers to discover them.

Is it bad to remove old blog posts?

Can you post from your blog to Twitter?

If all you do on Twitter is share what’s on your blog, there’s no reason for me to care about your Twitter. So, treat this as a word of caution. You can use any of the methods I’m going to talk about below to set up posting from your blog to Twitter, but that can’t be your only interaction with Twitter.

What do you need to know about Twitter post?

It publishes simple messages to Twitter that can include images, and it allows you to filter what is and isn’t posted. You can customize our messages to a certain degree, but it’s still a little limited. It essentially uses some set parameters you can call, like the post title, description, permalink, and author.

Do you need to promote your blog posts?

Once you have created great content, whether it is a blog post or an infographic, you can’t just publish it and hope that it does well. You need to shift gears from content development to content marketing and promote your content so that it reaches the maximum audience possible.

Is there a plugin for WP to Twitter?

WP to Twitter – This free plugin from WordPress was developed by Joe Dolson and has been kept very up to date, with the latest update as of this writing a mere two weeks ago.