What does a red 4 on a NFPA diamond mean?

What does a red 4 on a NFPA diamond mean?

Flammability Hazard information
4-Can cause death or major injury despite medical treatment. The red diamond, appearing at the top of the label, conveys Flammability Hazard information.

What 4 hazards are classified on the NFPA 704 Diamond?

The system addresses the health, flammability, instability, and special hazards presented from short-term, acute exposures that could occur as a result of a fire, spill, or similar emergency.

What does Level 4 flammability hazards indicate?

Level 4 – Materials that completely vaporize at normal pressure and temperature and burn readily. Level 3 – Liquids and solids that can be ignited under the most ambient conditions. Level 2 – Materials that must be moderately heated before ignition can occur.

What do the colors represent on the NFPA diamond?

The four bars are color coded, using the modern color bar symbols with blue indicating the level of health hazard, red for flammability, orange for a physical hazard, and white for Personal Protection. The number ratings range from 0-4. The Health section conveys the health hazards of the material.

What does the NFPA 704 diamond placard indicate?

A four section multicolor “square-on-point” (diamond/placard) is used to address the health, flammability, instability and special hazards presented by short-term, acute exposures that could occur during fires, spills or other similar emergencies.

What does the number 4 represent in the flammability category?

4-Very flammable gases or very volatile flammable liquids. The yellow diamond, appearing at the right side of the label, conveys Reactivity (or Stability) information.

What do each of the NFPA 704 Fire diamond flammability ratings 0-4 mean?

Number System: NFPA Rating and OSHA’s Classification System 0-4 0-least hazardous 4-most hazardous 1-4 1-most severe hazard 4-least severe hazard • The Hazard category numbers are NOT required to be on labels but are required on SDSs in Section 2.

What does the number 4 in the NFPA fire Diamond Mean?

Also, what would the number 4 in the red section of the NFPA Fire Diamond indicate? Codes. The four divisions are typically color-coded with red on top indicating flammability, blue on the left indicating level of health hazard , yellow on the right for chemical reactivity, and white containing codes for special hazards.

Where do you find the NFPA 704 diamond label?

One of the most common places the average person will see an NFPA 704 label is on trucks that carry chemicals. Should the truck get in an accident, the NFPA diamond lets emergency responders know what they’re dealing with.

What do the numbers on the NFPA hazard rating mean?

The yellow diamond, appearing at the right side of the label, conveys Reactivity (or Stability) information. The numbers 0 to 4 are also used to rank reactivity hazards, as follows: The white diamond, appearing at the bottom of the label, conveys Special Hazard information.

What does the hazard label on a diamond mean?

The most recognizable part of the label is the hazard diamond, which is further broken up into four smaller diamonds. Each of the diamonds is color-coded and represents a different type of hazard. Within the diamond is a number (with the exception of the white diamond).