What does BHS STAGE 1 involve?

What does BHS STAGE 1 involve?

BHS Stage 1 Care will provide you with an understanding of the responsibilities of working safely on a stable yard with empathy towards both horses and colleagues. You will be asked to handle horses inside the stable and outdoors, apply and remove rugs, groom, lead a horse in hand and hold a horse for inspection.

What is the BHS Stage 2 exam?

BHSQ Level 2 Foundation Groom (Stage 2) is for anyone looking to begin a career as an assistant groom and those wanting to progress their journey along the BHS Groom Pathway.

What is a BHS qualification?

The British Horse Society assessments are internationally recognised vocational qualifications which explore candidates’ equitation, coaching and stable management skills.

What are BHS exams?

The BHS provides its members with a series of progressive training and qualifications in both horse knowledge, care and riding. These professional qualifications are both theory and practical based and many equestrian employers lookout for these qualifications in prospective job candidates.

What is the BHS Stage 1 exam?

BHS Stage 1 Complete Horsemanship is for anyone looking to start their career with horses and show a competence in the basic skills of riding with empathy for the horse. BHS Stage 1 Complete Horsemanship is an essential entry level certificate for anyone looking for a career in the equine industry.

What does BHS Stage 2 Learn?

You will: Have an understanding of routine practices on a stable yard, your role, responsibilities and reporting lines. Know how to care for horses on a day-to-day basis, recognising and assessing normal and abnormal behaviour and understanding when veterinary intervention may be required.

What is BHS training?

What is BHS in horse riding?

The British Horse Society (BHS) | The UK’s Largest Equine Charity.

How old do you have to be to take BHS Stage 1 care?

BHS Stage 1 Care is ideal for: Inexperienced students from the age of 14 years. Students at the start of training with little or no experience of horse-care who would like to further enhance their knowledge in the care and management of horses. Students who wish to complete the BHS Stage 1 Care examination.

Where to go for BHS Stage 1 assessment?

Having taken a fairly relaxed approach to booking my BHS Stage 1 (assuming that there would be plenty of spaces), I then found that my two preferred centres were fully booked. Determined to get the BHS Stage 1 assessment done, I managed to book a slot for September at Rayne Riding Centre in Braintree.

What is the purpose of a stage 1 upgrade?

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Do you need a skills record for Stage 1 care?

If taking the Stage 1 Care exam with the BHS you will need to complete a Skills Record before attending the exam. This will need to be signed off by a BHS qualified coach. You can download the skills record here: