What does Blue aura mean?

What does Blue aura mean?

Blue: Helpful, caring, spiritual, intuitive, generally at peace and content, understanding, peacemaker, steadfast, freethinker. Some believe that problems a person with this aura color may experience relates to the throat or thyroid.

What does the color blue represent spiritually?

Blue also represents meanings of depth, trust, loyalty, sincerity, wisdom, confidence, stability, faith, heaven, and intelligence. The color blue has positive affects on the mind and the body. The color blue in many cultures is significant in religious beliefs, brings peace, or is believed to keep the bad spirits away.

What do aura colors mean?

General interpretations by shamans and practitioners suggest the following: Red: well-grounded, energetic, strong-willed. Orange: adventurous, thoughtful, considerate. Yellow: creative, relaxed, friendly. Green: social, communicator, nurturing.

What does Blue mean in chakras?

Color: Blue. Location: Base of the throat to the center of the eyes. Meaning: “This chakra is all about self-expression and clear communication,” Schieffelin says. While a balanced throat chakra is linked with speaking and writing your truth, an imbalance can result in just the opposite.

What does the Colour blue signify?

Blue is for calm, trust and intelligence Blue is a serene and calming color that represents intelligence and responsibility. Blue is cool and relaxing. Light baby blue is peaceful, while dark blue can signify depth and power.

How do I figure out my aura color?

Without moving your eyes, scan the outer perimeter of your head and shoulders. The color you see surrounding your head and shoulders is your aura. Another way to find your aura is to stare at your hands for approximately one minute. The glow you see radiating from the outside lining of your hands is your aura.

What does a blue aura indicate?

Blue Aura. Blue color, one of the easiest to see in the aura, indicates peace, quiet order, and person who can speak her truth, she knows her own authority. It reflects quietness, calm, and seriousness. Person with a lot of blue has a strong sense of purpose, is sensitive, and has a developed inner guide or teacher.

What are all the aura colors?

The aura colors generally reflect the colors of the rainbow – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, which are also the colors of the seven chakras.

What are the various aura colors and meanings?

Red Aura Meaning. The red aura is associated with a person’s ground chakra.

  • Green Aura Meaning. The green aura has a more figurative spiritual connection with the heart than the red aura.
  • Blue Aura Meaning.
  • Orange Aura Meaning.
  • Yellow Aura Meaning.
  • Purple Aura Meaning.
  • White Aura Meaning.
  • Gray Aura Meaning.
  • Gold Aura Meaning.
  • Pink Aura Meaning.
  • What do the different colours of Aura mean?

    Green Aura. Green color in the aura indicates growing compassion,love,and a desire to be of service,to help others.

  • Blue Aura.
  • Purple Aura.
  • Gold Aura or Golden Aura.
  • Pink Aura.
  • Yellow Aura.
  • Red Aura.
  • Orange Aura.
  • Black Aura.
  • Grey Aura.