What does Ephobia mean?

What does Ephobia mean?

: any of a large genus (Euphorbia) of herbs, shrubs, and trees of the spurge family that have a milky juice and flowers lacking a calyx and included in an involucre which surrounds a group of several staminate flowers and a central pistillate flower with 3-lobed pistils broadly : spurge.

What is the pronunciation of Aegle Marmelos?

ae·gle marme·los.

What is the meaning of papilionaceae?

Noun. 1. Papilionaceae – leguminous plants whose flowers have butterfly-shaped corollas; commonly included in the family Leguminosae.

What is the meaning of the word Leguminosae?

• LEGUMINOSAE (noun) The noun LEGUMINOSAE has 1 sense: 1. a large family of trees, shrubs, vines, and herbs bearing bean pods; divided for convenience into the subfamilies Caesalpiniaceae; Mimosaceae; Papilionaceae. Familiarity information: LEGUMINOSAE used as a noun is very rare.

Where does the word legume come from in English?

Its base word, legume, comes from the French légume, meaning “vegetable.” It ultimately derives from the Latin legūmen, meaning “bean,” from the Latin verb legere, meaning “to pick (a crop).” Legumes are eaten and used to make foods around the world.

Which is the best example of a leguminous plant?

But we have, further, an even more striking characteristic of leguminous crops to notice. The lotus is a leguminous plant—so excellent for the salad—not for the roast. It produces in abundance wheat, beans, lentils, and all leguminous foods; palms rear themselves in forests.

What is the fruit of a legume plant?

[lĕg′yōōm′, lə-gyōōm′] Any of a large number of eudicot plants belonging to the family Fabaceae (or Leguminosae). Their characteristic fruit is a seed pod. The seed pod of such a plant.