What does flood zone AE mean in Illinois?

What does flood zone AE mean in Illinois?

base floodplain
AE: The base floodplain where base flood elevations are provided. AE Zone delineations are now used on new format FIRMs instead of A1-A30 Zones. AO: The base floodplain with sheet flow, ponding or shallow flooding. Base flood depths (feet above ground) are provided.

Is Joliet a flood zone?

The City of Joliet is a member of the NFIP. The City of Joliet’s membership allows residents of the City to purchase flood insurance policies to insure their properties against damages from flooding due to their location within the 100-year floodplain.

Is Illinois a flood zone?

Illinois has one of the largest inland systems of rivers, lakes and streams in the United States. Nearly 15% of our total land area (or 7,400 square miles) is subject to flooding. Total stream flow in Illinois averages over 25 BILLION gallons per day! We are very flood prone.

When is the courthouse in Macoupin County IL Open?

Macoupin County Courthouse Hours of Operation 8:30 A.M. – 4:30 P.M. Latest News IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN RECEIVING A COVID-19 VACCINE, PLEASE READ: The Macoupin County Public Health Department has created a survey for individuals who want to be registered as interested in receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

Where can I find flood insurance rates in Illinois?

The Illinois State Water Survey is providing preliminary and pending Flood Insurance Rate Maps on this web site. Maps revised between preliminary and pending phases are not posted. Effective Flood Insurance Rate Maps are posted at the Federal Emergency Management Agency Map Service Center web site.

Is there a public health hotline in Macoupin County?

With the concerns about the Coronavirus and the safety of the public our biggest concern, we are putting this special homepage up to make it easy as ever to get the service you need, including some available online. Public Health: For your convenience, the Macoupin County Public Health Department has established a hotline.

When do you have to wear a mask in Macoupin County?

Masks:Per administrative order, the following rules on masks are effective as of May 1, 2020. All attorneys and other members of the public able to medically tolerate a face covering are to wear a face covering when located within the indoor public spaces of the Macoupin County Courthouse.