What does it mean to be filled with the love of God?

What does it mean to be filled with the love of God?

To be filled with the fullness of God is to be conscious of and yielded to God’s presence, strength, care for others, spiritual authority, moral excellence and character (holiness, righteousness, love). God wants us to be filled with his fullness both individually and collectively, as the Church of Christ.

What is the word for love of God?

agape, Greek agapē, in the New Testament, the fatherly love of God for humans, as well as the human reciprocal love for God. In Scripture, the transcendent agape love is the highest form of love and is contrasted with eros, or erotic love, and philia, or brotherly love.

How do you feel God’s love?

I Feel God’s Love When …

  • I Immerse Myself in Uplifting Music. Throughout my life, music has always been a very special way that I can feel my Heavenly Father’s love for me.
  • We Create.
  • I Attend the Temple.
  • I Serve.
  • I Express Myself through Dance.
  • We Study the Scriptures.
  • I Feel the Spirit.
  • I Explore His Creations.

What does Fulfil mean in the Bible?

1 : to do what is required by (something, such as a promise or a contract) fulfill a promise/vow He fulfilled his pledge to cut taxes.

What is the Hebrew word for God’s love?

Hesed: It can be defined as God’s loving kindness, steadfast, covenantal loyal, and faithful love. This is God’s love for us that never changes. A love that delights in His children.

How do I experience the presence of God in my family?

10 Ways to Help Your Family Be Closer to God

  1. Read God’s word together.
  2. Serve others together.
  3. Express love for each other often.
  4. Pray together as a family.
  5. Spend mealtime together.
  6. Teach good values.
  7. Go to church together.
  8. Start traditions together.

What makes you feel filled with the fullness of God?

This kind of love is the most awesome experience we can have; it is the very presence of God in us. This is the greatest pleasure that you are created to experience. As we continue to walk in this kind of love, we become filled with all the fullness of God. Love creates an atmosphere where God can dwell.

What does the Bible say about the love of God?

“Charity is the pure love of Christ, and it endureth forever; and whoso is found possessed of it at the last day, it shall be well with him. “Wherefore, my beloved brethren, pray unto the Father with all the energy of heart, that ye may be filled with this love” ( Moro. 7:47–48 ).

How is the Holy Spirit proof of God’s love?

The Holy Spirit in you is proof of God’s love for you. By this we know that we abide in Him, and He in us, because He has given us of His Spirit. (1st John 4:13) Your faith is proof of your love for God. However, faith with out works is dead, so faith without obedience is not faith.

What does it mean to know the god of Love?

Love creates an atmosphere where God can dwell. This is what all of the saints have experienced. This is God’s desire for you. Experiencing this kind of love causes us to know the God of love in greater and greater revelation. The Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Love, works in us as we cooperate by obeying the commands He gives us from the Lord.