What does it mean when a Puerto Rican says wepa?

What does it mean when a Puerto Rican says wepa?

Wepa is a versatile Latin-American Spanish slang exclamation used to express excitement, congratulations, and joy, similar to the English Oh yeah!, Wow!, or That’s awesome!. Related words: awesomesauce.

What is the Puerto Rican slang?

Boricua. Boricua is a term used to mean “Puerto Rican.” Before the Spanish arrived on the island now called “Puerto Rico,” the indigenous Taíno people called the island Borikén (also spelled Boriquén and Borinquen).

Why do Puerto Ricans say bendito?

1. ¡Ay bendito! You gotta love this Puerto Rican slang term, as it’s used to express all kind of emotions from happiness, surprise or sadness. The tone you use will dictate how it’s interpreted, similar to how you would say “Oh my god” in English.

What countries say wepa?

Wepa. Wepa is more an exclamation than a word. It is yelled to express joy and utter happiness. Puerto Ricans will yell it nasally and hold the “e” and “a” for a long time.

What does wepa mean in the Heights?

Wepa! – During the club scene, Vanessa’s friends greet her by saying “Wepa! Vanessa!” This is another slang word which, used in this context, is an expression of pleasure at seeing a friend like, “Hey! Vanessa!” or “Cool!

What does Boriqua mean in English?

noun. a Puerto Rican, or person of Puerto Rican descent: He’s a proud boricua.

How do u say hello in Puerto Rico?

Buenos días. This is more common and polite than “Hola”. After 12:00pm, you can say Buenas Tardes (BWEY nahs TAR days), and in the evening, say Buenas Noches (BWEY nahs NO chays).

What is a Bendeco?

The word “bendejo” in Spanish it’s wrong spelled. It must start the word with the letter “p”,and it’s meaning is close to: stupid; so fool; ignorant.

What is a Fleeka?

“On fleek” is slang for “beyond perfect, awesome. ” So “Fleeka” means “awesome girl, ” and “Fleeko” means awesome guy.

What is the meaning of the word bendito?

English Translation. blessed. More meanings for bendito. blessed adjective. bienaventurado, beato, feliz, santo, dotado.

What Bandito means?

: an outlaw especially of Mexican extraction or origin.

What does it mean when Puerto Ricans say WEPA?

A word of jubilation that is uttered by mainly Hispanics, especially within the Puerto Rican community. It normally is yelled at high volumes in a nasal manner, especially after something that is celebrated. “Wepa” normally means, “All right!

Are there any slang words for Puerto Ricans?

13 Puerto Rican Slang Words & Expressions You Must Know (Includes Audio) Let’s learn 13 very popular Puerto Rican Slang Words and expressions in this lovely blog post.

When do you say Hola Negro in Puerto Rico?

Hola negro . Puerto Ricans love to ask for La bendición (asking for the blessing) is usually the first and the last word you say when you approach or leave your parents, grandparents, aunts or uncles. When we visit Puerto Rico I often remind my son, “Don’t forget to say bendición to Abuela.”

Where does the word Boricua come from in Puerto Rico?

Puerto Ricans refer to themselves as boricua. The word simply means “Puerto Rican” and is more widely used than puertorriqueño, which has the same meaning. The word is derived from the name the native Taínos called the island—Borinquén.