What does Perkopolis cost?

What does Perkopolis cost?

Zero cost = free! That’s right, our fully managed programs and concierge services have no setup or administration fees, making them the perfect choice for employers, associations, property managers and retailers.

Who owns Perkopolis?

We’re 100% Canadian owned and operated… and proud of it! Perkopolis was originally founded by Morgan Marlowe under the name Concierge Connection. Initially, Morgan and her team provided on-site concierge services to organizations in the greater Toronto area only.

How does Perkopolis work?

Perkopolis works with companies across Canada to provide the best in managed employee discount and benefits programs. Our clientele includes Tier 1 banks, national retailers, telcos, manufacturers, airlines, government agencies, as well as regional corporations, municipalities, hospitals, and non-profit organizations.

How do you get a Perkopolis discount?

Membership Perks: Savings with Perkopolis

  1. Enter a personal email address, rather than a work one.
  2. You’ll then receive an activation link via email.
  3. Enter a member ID (university prefix + university employee #, ex. UW123456 or UM123456 or SAC123456).
  4. Search away and access the savings.

How do you become a member of Perkopolis?

How to Register:

  1. Go to and click ‘Register’ in the top right corner.
  2. To access all perks, you must register using a valid email address. Then you will receive an email to activate your registration.
  3. Enter your member ID code which is CPHRMB + your member number. (ex. CPHRMB1234).

Can you share Perkopolis?

Once you purchase a deal from Perkopolis, you will receive a referral link to share with your friends. Email, Facebook, or tweet your link to your friends and family. If three people use your link and purchase the same deal within 30 days, your deal will be absolutely free!

Do Canadian perks work?

We are a US/UK-based program that currently hosts mainly US/UK merchants. Perks at Work is now also available for employees in Canada and Ireland!

What is Perkopolis member ID code?

Your membership ID number can be found by logging into your profile, clicking Manage Profile and then Edit Bio (it’ll be at the top of the page). How to Register: Go to and click ‘Register’ in the top right corner. To access all perks, you must register using a valid email address.

What is member ID code?

A Member ID is created for your customer automatically when you register them. It is the number that is printed out when you print a temporary membership card via the POS. The Member ID does not change. A Member Code is the number that you see on the backend.

Are work perks worth it?

These incentives can take some work to implement, but ultimately, the rewards are worth it. Not only are perks at work a symbolic way for employers to show you care, but these offerings can also reduce turnover and raise performance results by building a happier, more engaged workforce.

What is Venngo WorkPerks?

Venngo WorkPerks is a world-class group discount program that includes savings on everything from health and wellness to entertainment, restaurants, travel and more. Discounts on everything from apparel and computers to shoes and events are available and over 300 health and wellness perks.

What do you need to know about perkopolis?

Perkopolis is a employee discount program where you can purchased different services at a discounted rate. For example, you can purchase theatre, attractions, movies and sport tickets as well as hotels at a discount. Tickets are discounted between 10-65%. I have used Perkopolis to purchased discounted Raptor tickets in the past.

Can you pick up Ripley tickets at perkopolis?

Sometimes it may not even be worth the hassle to order from Perkopolis because some of their ways of delivering the tickets are an inconvenience. You can only pick up the Ripley tickets at the Perkopolis location OR wait for postage delivery. With this in mind AND their false advertisement, I will not be using Perkopolis anytime soon!

Which is better CAA or perkopolis for travel?

Even better than CAA! The general details are described on the Perkopolis website. The website doesn’t state how long the offer is valid for or when the travel must be taken. That suggests that it may be a long-term offer, so I’ll give it a try the next time I plan a VIA trip.

How much is a perkopolis code for Samsung?

Got codes to use for Samsung online. $20 each, or $30 for both.You must have access to Perkopolis already in order to use the 10% code.Thanks. EMT only, lower BST feedback goes first. Hi, I am looking to buy a coupon that would give extra10% perkopolis coupon.