What does Pope Francis say about Medjugorje?

What does Pope Francis say about Medjugorje?

On May 12, 2019, Pope Francis authorized pilgrimages to Medjugorje considering the “considerable flow of people who go to Medjugorje and the abundant fruits of grace that have sprung from it.” These pilgrimages can now be officially organized by dioceses and parishes even though the authentication of these visions has …

Are the apparitions still happening in Medjugorje?

Namely, Medjugorje-Info reports that the Mirjana Dragicevic Soldo will no longer have public apparitions or receive the messages that Our Lady has given since August 2, 1987, until now.

Did the Virgin Mary appear in Medjugorje?

Medjugorje, just southwest of Mostar in modern day Bosnia and Herzegovina, was a quiet Yugoslav town when, in 1981, the Virgin Mary allegedly appeared to six local children.

Where has the Virgin Mary appeared in the world?

The Vatican has called the visions at Fatima the “most prophetic of modern apparitions.” A group of young children reported seeing the Virgin six times while they were tending sheep in Fatima. Five children said that Mary appeared to them in the playground of their convent school in Belgium.

Who are the people who saw the Medjugorje apparition?

At about 6 pm, when six young people – Ivanka Ivanković, Mirjana Dragićević, Vicka Ivanković, Ivan Dragićević, Ivan Ivanković and Milka Pavlović, saw on the hill called Crnica, several hundred meters above the place called Podbrdo, a young woman with a child in her arms, who gave them a sign with her hand to come nearer.

Why is June 25th the anniversary of Medjugorje?

The group of Medjugorje visionaries was formed. They prayed and spoke with Our Lady. This is why June 25th is celebrated as the Anniversary of the apparitions. According to the testimony of the visionaries, from that day onwards, they had daily apparitions, together or separately, wherever they were.

Is there really a Virgin Mary in Medjugorje?

And yet—15 years after the first claimed apparitions, and despite the bitter Bosnian war which devastated the surrounding area, the pilgrims continue to come—no, to Medjugorje. By the millions. They are seeking the Virgin Mother of God, Mary Most Holy, and they believe Mary is appearing in Medjugorje.

How does Medjugorje help make the world a better place?

Prayers, changed lives and humanitarian activities and projects influenced or inspired by Medjugorje without doubt help make this world a better place. Maybe more, than we would expect. Medjugorje Today