What does reciprocally mean?

What does reciprocally mean?

adjective. given or felt by each toward the other; mutual: reciprocal respect. given, performed, felt, etc., in return: reciprocal aid. matching; corresponding; equivalent: reciprocal privileges at other health clubs.

What does reciprocated stand for?

1 : to give and take mutually. 2 : to return in kind or degree reciprocate a compliment gracefully. intransitive verb. 1 : to make a return for something we hope to reciprocate for your kindness.

What is another word for reciprocated?

Some common synonyms of reciprocate are requite, retaliate, and return.

How do you use reciprocally in a sentence?

So the firm and each of its stakeholders are reciprocally morally accountable to each other just because they are people. A sequence of reciprocally cooperative moves could ensue, to the mutual benefit of the players.

What does Semordnilap mean?

Palindromes Semordnilap A palindrome is a word or phrase that is the same forwards and backwards, but a semordnilap (“palindromes” backwards) is a word that becomes a different word when read backwards.

What does reciprocals mean in math?

The reciprocal of a fraction is just switching the numerator (top number) and the denominator (bottom number). The opposite reciprocal takes the negative of that number.

What is the best synonym for reciprocate?


  • repay.
  • retaliate.
  • barter.
  • correspond.
  • interchange.
  • match.
  • recompense.
  • render.

What is a synonym for giving back?

In this page you can discover 6 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for give back, like: return, repay, give, reimburse, revest and refund.

What is a good sentence for reciprocal?

1) He spoke of the necessity for a reciprocal relationship that would be useful for all sides. 2) Such treaties provide reciprocal rights and obligations. 3) Our relationship is based on reciprocal respect.

What is the meaning of reciprocal?

Definition of reciprocal. (Entry 1 of 2) 1a : inversely related : opposite. b : of, constituting, or resulting from paired crosses in which the kind that supplies the male parent of the first cross supplies the female parent of the second cross and vice versa.

What does reciprocal use mean?

Use reciprocal in a sentence. Reciprocal. adjective. The definition of reciprocal refers to something that goes both ways or to something that is done in return for a similar act. In grammar, a reciprocal is mutual action or a relationship between two nouns or pronouns.

What does reciprocate means?

English Language Learners Definition of reciprocate. : to do (something) for or to someone who has done something similar for or to you. : to have (a feeling) for someone who has the same feeling for you.

What is the definition of reciprocal relationship?

A synonym of the word “reciprocal” is “mutual”, and by this token, a reciprocal relationship is one that is defined by mutual feelings of love, as well as mutual demonstrations of love. Reciprocity is a key characteristic of true love, although it’s mainly prevalent in romantic relationships rather than familial relationships.