What does shidai mean?

What does shidai mean?

shí dài. age era epoch period (in one’s life) CL:個|个[ge4] Example Usage Strokes.

What does Fan mean in Japanese?

ファン {noun} fan (also: admirer) うちわ {noun} fan.

What does the fan symbolize?

Perhaps the most enduring role of the handheld fan is as the symbol of wealth or royalty, which stretches as far back as the ancient civilizations of Egypt and Babylon and continues even to this day. In western culture, fans were commonly associated with the sophistication of the upper classes.

What does fan symbolize in Kabuki?

In Kabuki theater, actors wear elaborate costumes and makeup representing traditional Japanese culture. It is known for its creative and symbolic use of props. A paper fan, a popular Kabuki prop, can be used to represent a tray, asunrise, the wind, rain, cutting with a knife, drinking, and much more.

What is sensu used for?

Sensu is an open source infrastructure and application monitoring solution that monitors servers, services, and application health, and sends alerts and notifications with third-party integration. Written in Ruby, Sensu can use either RabbitMQ or Redis to handle messages. It uses Redis to store data.

What is hand fan called?

Hand fans have three general categories: Fixed (or rigid, flat) fans (Chinese: 平扇, píng shàn; Japanese: 団扇, uchiwa): circular fans, palm-leaf fans, straw fans, feather fans. Folding fans (Chinese: 折扇, zhé shàn; Japanese: 扇子, sensu): silk folding fans, paper folding fans, sandalwood fans.

What does the Chinese fan symbolize?

The history of the Chinese fan dates back to over 3,000 years ago, around the Shang Dynasty (circa 1600 – 1046 BCE). The “feather fan” became popular among the aristocracy because it was extremely expensive to produce. Made of bird feathers, it was widely recognized as the symbol of wealth, authority, and wisdom.

What is the symbol of kabuki?

Kabuki (歌舞伎) is made up of three kanji (Chinese characters): ka (歌) meaning sing, bu (舞) representing dance, and ki (伎) indicating skill. Literally, kabuki means the art of song and dance, but performances extend well beyond these two elements.

What does the female characters in kabuki wear?

Label Text:This costume, worn by an onnagata (male actor who plays women’s roles) in Kabuki theater, is known as akahime (red princess). For this role the onnagata wears an underkimono held closed by a stiff wide sash (obi) wrapped around the waist and tied. …

What is sensu tool?

Sensu is a modern open-source push-based monitoring tool. Sensu messages are passed via the rabbitmq message broker. Redis is used to store data. You can use sensu to monitor servers, services, process, application health and business KPI’s.