What does the ASUS AI Charger do?

What does the ASUS AI Charger do?

Ai Charger turns any PC into a flexible power-up station for popular Apple devices through a simple USB connector, extending their usability and benefit in every lifestyle. Charging goes up to and smoother while you do your work or have fun – whether at home or on the go.

What type of charger does a Google tablet take?

micro USB AC Wall Charger Adapter For Asus Google Nexus 7″ Tablet ME370t –

How do I uninstall ASUS AI Charger Plus?

How Do I uninstall ASUS AI Charger Plus?

  1. Go to uninstall a Program in the control Panel.
  2. Select AI Suite and press enter.
  3. Use AI suite to uninstall AI Charger+ by selecting AI Charger+ and pressing uninstall 4.Reboot system 5.Install Windows 8.

What is ASUS quick charge?

With a unique quick charge technology of BoostMaster, it only taks 39 minutes to charge ZenFone 2 from 0% to 60%. ZE550ML and ZE551ML support quick charge when they are charged with ASUS bundled 18W (9V2A) adapter. Please see icon of quick charge shown on screen when a 18W adapter is used.

How do I turn on my ASUS AI Charger?

To launch Ai Charger+, click or tap on the top-right corner of the AI Suite 3 main menu, then select Ai Charger+. ** Actual charging speeds may vary depending on the charging rate and specifications of your USB device.

What kind of charger does Nexus 5 use?

LG 15W USB-PD Fast Charger & USB-C to C Cable for Nexus 5X, 6P, Google Pixel XL with Rapid Power Delivery.

What is AI Charger application?

Asus Ai Charger is a tiny Windows utility that increases power in USB ports so you can charge your Apple devices without problems. It is compatible with all PCs, but its performance is higher with Asus motherboards.

What is USB charger ASUS?

Introduction of USB Charger + Save time charging your portable devices – USB Charger+ can charge your portable devices with a specific USB port on your Notebook to cut your charging time in half ,compared to using a normal USB port to charge.