What does the word Stilton mean?

What does the word Stilton mean?

: a blue-veined cheese with wrinkled rind made of whole cows’ milk enriched with cream.

What is tete a tete in English?

1 : a private conversation between two persons. 2 : a short piece of furniture (such as a sofa) intended to seat two persons especially facing each other. tête-à-tête.

What means Geronimo?

Geronimo is defined as a way to express excitement or happiness, usually when doing something adventurous. The definition of Geronimo was an Apache native American leader. An example of Geronimo is an Apache leader who fought against the United States and Mexico in the Apache Wars.

What is a museum piece called?

Words related to museum piece antique, classic, curio, heirloom, masterpiece, showpiece, old master, collector’s item.

What type of cheese is Stilton?

Blue cheese
Stilton cheese/Cheese type

Which country is the source of Stilton cheese?

Stilton cheese

Country of origin England
Region, town Derbyshire, Leicestershire, and Nottinghamshire
Source of milk Cows
Pasteurised Yes

Is tete a tete used in English?

Meaning of tête-à-tête in English an informal private conversation between two people, especially friends: We must have a tête-à-tête sometime.

Is tete a tete a French word?

In French, tête-à-tête literally means “head to head.”

What is Geronimo known for?

Geronimo (1829-1909) was an Apache leader and medicine man best known for his fearlessness in resisting anyone–Mexican or American—who attempted to remove his people from their tribal lands.

Is Geronimo an Italian name?

Spanish (Gerónimo) and Italian: from the personal name Geronimo, from Greek Hieronymos (see Hieronymus).

How do museums label artifacts?

a) Identification labels (museums sometimes call them tombstone labels): provide the most basic information about the artifact, usually the name, age, place of manufacture, museum owning it, and artifact number. These are written in point form.

What is the definition of Stilton?

Stilton is an English soft, rich cheese of mild flavor, made from milk to which cream is usually added.

What is a good substitute for Stilton cheese?

Stilton can easily be replaced with Gorgonzola or Roquefort. The Danish blue cheese, Saga blue, which is known for its creaminess, can be replaced with a milder, creamy cheese like Cambozola or Blue Castello . It is best to use blue cheese of the same texture, flavour or feel, for best results.

What is Stilton white cheese?

Stilton cheese is an English cheese made in two varieties: Blue and White. The white Stilton cheese is not very famous. Also known as ‘King of English Cheeses’, it takes its name from a village that is just south of Peterborough.

What is Blue Stilton?

Blue Stilton: the blue variety is by far the most famous, and it is a semi-soft, blue-veined cheese. Blue Stilton has a robust flavor and a deep taste, but it is milder and creamier than many other types of blue cheese.