What does Volvo GLE mean?

What does Volvo GLE mean?

Grand Luxe Executive
GLE (Grand Luxe Executive) GLT (Grand Luxe Touring) GT (For example, a 1979 GT 200-series Volvo is badged a 242 GT, meaning it is a 240-series car with two doors and sporting trim.)

Are there any RWD Volvos?

The 900 Series was introduced in 1990 to replace the 700 Series from which it derived. Prior to the end of its production, the 960 was renamed as the Volvo S90 (saloon) and Volvo V90 (estate), and the 940 was renamed 940 Classic, becoming the last rear-wheel-drive cars from Volvo.

Are Volvos RWD or FWD?

Today all Volvos are either front- or four-wheel driven. Since 1927, rear-wheel drive had been used by Volvo Car Corporation but on October 15, 1985, Volvo published a picture of their first series-produced front-wheel drive car – the 480ES.

What is the difference between Volvo 760 and 860?

The biggest difference between the two trucks is the size of their sleeper cabs. The Volvo VNL 760’s sleeper is 96 inches wide by 70 inches long. The VNL 860 is a bit larger at 77 inches long. The rear of the VNL 760 is 100.2 inches from floor to ceiling, while the VNL 860 is 102.25 inches tall in the back.

Who was the designer of the Volvo 780?

The 780 was Volvo’s (and Bertone’s) second try at a luxury Volvo coupe. After the 1800ES said goodbye in 1973, Volvo decided they needed something a little more sporty than their bread and butter sedans and wagons. The result was the 262C, which was designed by the Italian coachbuilder Bertone.

What was the price of a 1978 Volvo Bertone?

Their 1978-1981 262C Bertone Coupé, with its hot rod-formal roof and leather-swathed interior, was largely met with smirks and quizzical stares, especially when its $15,000-$20,000 price was raised.

What was the cost of a 1991 Volvo 780?

Echoing the swan song of its Bertone predecessor, the 780 was re-named “Coupe” for 1991, its final model year, when it cost $41,945.

What’s the top speed of a Volvo 780?

This combination didn’t make the 3,329-pound coupe a fire-breather, but allowed a 9.8-second 0-60 MPH time and a 115-MPH top speed.