What does white key tag mean in NA?

What does white key tag mean in NA?

Narcotics Anonymous
NA White Key Tag is the tag that all members receive as a welcome key tag. The Narcotics Anonymous Newcomer Key Tag is white with Welcome and the NA Logo on the front and Just For Today on the back.

Do you get chips for NA?

Sobriety medallions at Cornerstone of Recovery Various colors are assigned to various lengths of sobriety. Typically, A.A. chips include: white to start or renew a commitment to sobriety; yellow for 30 days; red for 90 days; blue for six months; green for nine months; and a bronze chip for one or more years.

What is an NA coin?

Narcotics Anonymous Medallions (coins) In 1953 Narcotics Anonymous, originally called AA/NA, was founded in California USA by Jimmy Kinnon and others.

What does it mean to be clean and serene?

adj. 1 without dirt or other impurities; unsoiled. 2 without anything in it or on it. a clean page. 3 without extraneous or foreign materials.

What does a sobriety coin look like?

It is traditionally a medallion the size of a poker chip, 33 mm (1.30 in) (standard) or 34 mm (1.26 in) in diameter, marking the sobriety time achieved, awarded for abstaining from alcohol while with the program. In other 12-step programs it is to mark time abstaining from whatever the recipient is staying away from.

What is a serene place?

adj. 1 peaceful or tranquil; calm. 2 clear or bright.

What are the colors of the Na keytags?

The NA Keytags are as follows: KEYTAGS. White – The international color of surrender. This key tag is for anyone at their first NA meeting, back after a relapse, or just want to surrender to their disease today.

When did na stop using the AA name?

On September 14, 1953, AA authorized NA the use of AA’s 12 steps and traditions on the condition that they stopped using the AA name, causing the organization to call itself Narcotics Anonymous. As of May 2014, there were more than 63,000 NA meetings in 132 countries.

What kind of coins do Narcotics Anonymous use?

NA “style” bronze Anniversary coins are slightly thicker and may require a larger coin bezel or holder. Selection of Engraved NA coin AA Anniveraries and birthday milestones.

What does the back of a na medallion say?

The back has the NA symbol in the center, circled by the phrases “THAT NO ADDICT SEEKING RECOVERY NEED EVER DIE,” and “MY GRATITUDE SPEAKS…