What domain sells the most?

What domain sells the most?

Top 10 Domain Name Sales of All Time

  • – $49.7 Million.
  • – $35.6 Million.
  • – $35 Million.
  • – $30.1 Million.
  • – $30 Million.
  • – $18 Million.
  • – $17 Million.
  • – $16 Million.

Which site is best for domain selling?

7 Best Places to Find Premium Domain Name for Sale (+ Expert Tips)

  1. is the best domain name registrar on the market.
  2. Network Solutions.
  3. Sedo.
  4. Flippa.
  5. GoDaddy.
  6. NamePros.
  7. DNForum.

Are .co domains worth it?

co domain extension is more expensive than the .com, but they are both very affordable. The reason for the higher price is to deter domain name buyers from purchasing domains with the . co extension in bulk and not using them. This has become a problem with .com domain names and the higher price helps to make more .

Is co a top level domain?

co is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) assigned to Colombia. It is administered by . co TLD through a public procurement process that took place in early 2009. .CO Internet received the re-delegation approval as the manager of the . …

What are the top domain names?

Original top-level domains

Name Entity Administrator
.com commercial Verisign
.org organization Public Interest Registry
.net network Verisign
.int international Internet Assigned Numbers Authority

What is the most expensive top level domain?

The most expensive domains in the world

Domain Name Sold for Year of sale $30 million 2019 $17 million 2015 $13 million 2010 $12 million 2008

How can I sell my domain?

How to Sell Your Domain

  1. Determine the Value Of Your Domain. The first thing you’ll need to do is properly price your domain.
  2. Decide How You’d Like to Sell.
  3. Make sure your contact information is public on the WHOIS directory.
  4. Prepare Your Domain Listing.
  5. Use an Escrow Service to Receive Payment.
  6. Transfer the Domain.

Can you make money from selling domain names?

Flipping domains can be an extremely lucrative side hustle capable of making you thousands of dollars per month by acquiring the right domains and selling them for a profit. Just like flipping furniture or anything else, you’ll need to purchase your inventory (domain names in this case) before selling it for a profit.

Is .net or .co better?

co domain extension could be both better and worse than . net. co domains as a .com, typing that into the web browser. So it’s best to always go with the .com version if it’s available.Jum. I 6, 1442 AH

Is .co or .org better?

The domain extension . org is better for nonprofit websites, while .com is better for for-profit businesses selling a service or product. In terms of SEO value, which one you pick has little effect on SEO. When it comes to building a website, considering your domain extension is an absolute must.Rab. I 14, 1441 AH

Is co uk top level domain?

CO.UK, in the last two months means that the UK extension has climbed up a place in the classification of Top-Level-Domains. This Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) has nearly 9.5 million registered domain names.

Which is the largest domain name sale of all time?

Likewise, Elliot Silver of called the purchase “easily the largest domain name sale of the year and one of the largest pure domain name sales of all time.”.

How often do you see public domain sales?

It is not unusual to see public domain sales reported weekly in the tens or hundreds of thousands, and often enough there will be domain sales reported in the millions. You can check out for weekly domain sales reporting, as well as annual historical sales reports.

Why are domain names sold with no disclosure?

There are various reasons for this practice, ranging from wanting to keep their competition in the dark to not wanting others to know how much they’re willing to spend on a domain in the future. It’s a pretty common assertion that the vast majority of high-value domain sales are done with some sort of non-disclosure agreement in place.

Why are some domain names more expensive than others?

Nailing down the most expensive domain names isn’t easy — most of the parties involved often try to keep that information private. There are various reasons for this practice, ranging from wanting to keep their competition in the dark to not wanting others to know how much they’re willing to spend on a domain in the future.