What episode number is Phineas and Ferb act your age?

What episode number is Phineas and Ferb act your age?

Episode 48
Phineas and Ferb – Season 4 Episode 48: Act Your Age – Metacritic.

How old is Phineas and Ferb now?

30 years old
On the back of his action figure, it states that he is, in fact, nine years old. However, this may not be entirely accurate. In “Phineas and Ferb’s Quantum Boogaloo”, after Candace travels 20 years into the future, Linda states that Phineas and Ferb are now 30 years old.

How old is Candace from Phineas and Ferb in act your age?

Candace Gertrude Flynn is the 15-year-old sister of Phineas Flynn and the step-sister of Ferb Fletcher. The eldest child of the Flynn-Fletcher household, she spends large portions of her time striving, but never succeeding to get her brothers in trouble for the things they do every day.

Is there a season 5 of Phineas and Ferb?

Series overview

Season Segments Originally aired
Last aired
4 48 June 12, 2015
O.W.C.A. Files November 9, 2015
The Phineas and Ferb Effect January 5, 2019

Are Ferb and Vanessa dating?

It is made clear in several episodes that Ferb has a crush on Dr. Doofenshmirtz’s daughter, Vanessa as he is usually sent into a trance-like fantasy state whenever he is close to her. In Act Your Age Ferb and Vanessa are a couple despite the age difference between them.

Is Phineas and Ferb Act Your Age canon?

Isabella has finally moved on from Phineas, but apparently he had been harboring feelings for her for years. There’s a song about each others’ unrequited love. At the end, they kiss and Isabella/Phineas finally becomes canon.

Is Ferb older than Candace?

Early life. Ferb (right) with his stepbrother Phineas and stepsister Candace. Ferb was born on the 29th of February in England to Lawrence Fletcher and an obscure and unknown mother. When Lawrence married Linda, Ferb gained Phineas and Candace as step-siblings.

Where can I watch Season 5 of Phineas and Ferb?

Season 5, Episode 1 of Phineas and Ferb is available to watch and stream on Disney. You can also buy, rent Phineas and Ferb on demand at Amazon online.

How long is Phineas and Ferb Act Your Age episode?

Dan Povenmire and Jeff ‘Swampy’ Marsh could have made this episode as a long and epic one, but they decided to give us something better with this 20-minutes realistic episode. They tried to give us a life lesson.

What was the real inator in Phineas and Ferb?

The real inator is a gold chain he had worked on, which, when activated, will help him go through a Mid-Life Crisis so he can fit in with other people his age, which he explains through song. After the inator got changed up, Doofenshmirtz’s mid-life crisis begins.

How did Phineas and Ferb get into the randomizer Booth?

Ferb suggests that Phineas get in the randomizer booth they’d installed in their room and let fate decide. Phineas gets into the booth, which is full of the many acceptance letters he had received from different schools around the world. However, he is not really sure about any of the choices he is given.

Who are the Fireside Girls in Phineas and Ferb?

At the Nosh Olé Mexican-Jewish Café, the now teenage Fireside Girls discuss the art of manipulation when Ginger attempts to persuade Baljeet, whom she already have a relationship with, to go to the movie she wants to see, rather than the one he wants to see. Isabella, who is working as a waitress there for her mom, brings the girls their order.