What happened jolt energy?

What happened jolt energy?

Jolt Cola ceased updating their social media outlets in March 2019; shortly thereafter, Dollar General stopped selling the product.

Is jolt energy still available?

Jolt is no longer available in Dollar General or Casey’s General Store. According to Wikipedia, Dollar General store has stopped selling Jolt energy drinks shortly after March 2019.

Why did they stop making jolt?

The slogan worked, and Jolt Cola became successful for many years, until 2009 when it filed for bankruptcy. The reason for it is the dispute with their can supplier Rexam. Jolt company had agreed to buy 90 million cans from them. However, due to the recession, the agreement could not be kept resulting in Jolt failing.

Was jolt the first energy drink?

Jolt was the first energy drink, with all the sugar and twice the caffeine. But it was disguised as a cola, and by the time it rebranded, Monster and Red Bull dominated. Jolt Cola was born in 1985, when it hit shelves promising all the sugar and twice the caffeine of regular soft drinks.

Is Jolt Cola discontinued?

After a few years of Jolt Cola being off the market, in 2017 the company brought the drink back with a slightly new formulation consisting of 160 mg of caffeine per can. Drinks were sold at Dollar General stores, and distributed on Amazon. However the success didn’t last and by 2019, it the drink was discontinued.

What happened Josta soda?

Josta was a soft drink brand that was produced by PepsiCo and the first energy drink ever introduced by a major US beverage company. It was marketed as a “high-energy drink” with guaraná and caffeine….Josta.

Type Energy soft drink
Discontinued 1999
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What was the 1st energy drink?

In America, the first energy drink was presented in 1985 under the name of Jolt Cola. It is interesting that at the time the drink was presented not as energy, but as “carbonated soft drink”. It was made for students and young professionals who would use it in stressful situations and to boost energy.

What was the first Monster energy drink?

Monster Energy is an energy drink that was introduced by Hansen Natural Company (now Monster Beverage Corporation) in April 2002….Monster Energy.

Type Energy drink

When did they stop selling Jolt Cola?

Jolt, which first launched in 1985, ceased production between 2009 and 2010, after some questionable decisions like rolling out cans that looked like alkaline batteries.

Can I buy Josta soda?

Below you will find links to order the beverages for this brand as well as any related products from

Is the Jolt Energy Drink still being made?

Jolt’s official website is still up and running. Although it doesn’t give any clarification about the production of the Jolt energy drink it is believed that the production and distribution of this 90s favorite energy drink have been discontinued once again. REIZE gives the perfect boost of energy while taking care of your health.

How much caffeine is in a Jolt Cola?

Jolt Energy Drink Nutrition Facts Nutritional Value Jolt Cola Sugar 50g Added Sugar 50g Protein 0g Caffeine 160mg

When was the first Jolt Cola drink made?

Jolt Cola is a carbonated soft drink produced by The Jolt Company, Inc. (later known as Wet Planet Beverages). The cola drink was created in 1985 by C. J. Rapp as a highly caffeinated beverage. [1] It was targeted towards students and young professionals, stressing its use as a stimulant in a similar manner as energy drinks.

When did the Jolt Cola Company go bankrupt?

Jolt Cola is a carbonated drink produced in 1985 by The Jolt Company Inc. and created by C.J Rapp. The company went bankrupt in 2009 and stopped production. In 2017 was reintroduced in the market through Dollar General Stores and Amazon.