What happened to Chad Rogers?

What happened to Chad Rogers?

Outside of real estate, Rogers keeps busy focusing on health and fitness. He not only takes care of himself but wants to help others be healthy, too. To that end, he started an organic food brand with his mother, called Raw Raw Land, which he also promotes on his social media.

What happened to Chad and Victoria from Million Dollar Listing?

In a 2010 interview with The Real Deal, Chad revealed that he and Victoria had split, and it looks like there’s only room for one lovely lady in his life right now: Starla.

Where is Michael Lorber now?

Michael Lorber is Director of Business Development for Douglas Elliman Worldwide Consulting. Since joining the company in 2006, he is a top producer for the firm focusing on International Project Marketing and multimillion dollar properties throughout Manhattan.

What happened to the realtor on Million Dollar Listing?

After retiring from the show, Madison decided to take a trip to Fiji and Tonga, with plans to focus now on building his own real estate firm, The Malibu Life team. He also wants to start a family. During an interview with Distractify, the former reality star spoke about his want for a serious relationship and a family.

Is Josh Flagg leaving Million Dollar Listing?

The Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles star, 36, is leaving Rodeo Realty, where he has been a luxury broker for 10 years, PEOPLE can confirm, and joining one of their rival agencies: Douglas Elliman.

What happened Victoria Salisbury?

The queen died after a short and painless illness. “We all feel a bit motherless today,” wrote Henry James, “mysterious little Victoria is dead and fat vulgar Edward is King.” She was buried beside Prince Albert in the mausoleum at Frogmore near Windsor.

Why is Madison not on Million Dollar Listing?

Madison came back full-time for seasons nine and 10 before officially leaving the show at the conclusion of season 10. The real estate agent no longer felt the show was adding joy to his life, so he decided to quit and focus on other matters.

Who is Michael Lorber married to?

Thea Hallman
Personal life. He is married to Thea Hallman. His son Michael Lorber is a real estate broker at Douglas Elliman and was featured on Million Dollar Listing New York. Lorber served as one of the top economic advisers to Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Who are the current cast members of Million Dollar Listing?

Current 1 Josh Flagg, (season 2–present) 2 Josh Altman, (season 4–present) 3 James Harris, (season 7–present) 4 David Parnes, (season 7–present) 5 Tracy Tutor, (season 10–present)

When did Million Dollar Listing season 2 start?

Episodes showcased real estate listings starting from the beginning of the selling process to close. Season 2 premiered on August 5, 2008, almost two years after the prior season. The format of the program changed, focusing on specific agents as opposed to real estate companies.

When does Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles return?

In March 2015, Bravo renewed Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles for an eighth season. Season 8 returned September 2, 2015 with all of the cast returning. Former castmate Madison Hildebrand will be making another guest appearance this season.

When does Million Dollar Listing season 6 start?

Season 6 premiered on August 7, 2013 and averaged 1.3 million total viewers, compared to season five which averaged over 1 million total viewers. Season 7 premiered on August 20, 2014, with James Harris and David Parnes joining the cast and Hildebrand departing. Season 8 premiered on September 2, 2015.