What Happened to PJ from Big Brother?

What Happened to PJ from Big Brother?

Peter James “PJ” Ellis PJ hit the headlines when he got very steamy with Jade under the covers, before later denying anything had happened at all. After the show, he has since got married, had a son and is now living in Birmingham where he works as a Commercial Lawyer.

When did Big Brother start in the UK?

July 14, 2000
Big Brother/First episode date

Who has died from Big Brother UK?

star Nikki Grahame
Channel 4 has said the production, which will feature interviews with Grahame’s mother, will show the complex woman behind the “bright and funny media persona”. The life of reality TV star Nikki Grahame, who died aged 38 after battling anorexia, will be celebrated in a Channel 4 documentary.

Are Lee and Sophie still together from Big Brother?

After leaving the House, Sophie got together with fellow housemate Lee Davey, the two got married and had a baby together. They have since divorced and Sophie is now a single-mother.

Who won the first ever Big Brother UK?

Craig Phillips
Craig Phillips (born 16 October 1971) is an English television personality and builder. He is known for winning the first series of Big Brother in 2000….

Craig Phillips
Phillips in 2011
Born 16 October 1971 Liverpool, England
Years active 2000–present
Television Big Brother 1

Who was in the 1st Big Brother?

Forty thousand people applied to participate in the first series. These were whittled down to ten contestants: Nick Bateman, Andrew Davidson, Melanie Hill, Nichola Holt, Thomas McDermott, Anna Nolan, Caroline O’Shea, Craig Phillips, Darren Ramsay and Sada Wilkington.

How many people have been in Big Brother ultimate?

She was featured on Ultimate Big Brother as the ultimate housemate. Since the start of Big Brother in 2000 there have been a total of 327 civilian, ten Panto, eight teen, 12 Celebrity Hijack and 14 ultimate housemates; 151 men and 170 women. There have been 19 winners of Big Brother; eleven men and eight women.

Who is the creator of Big Brother UK?

Big Brother was the British version of the international reality television franchise Big Brother created by producer John de Mol in 1997.

Who was the winner of Big Brother 11?

The series lasted for a total of 77 days, with Josie Gibson being crowned the winner. Merely minutes after BB11 concluded, a special edition titled Ultimate Big Brother, featuring memorable former housemates competing for the title of “Ultimate Housemate”. Big Brother 2 winner Brian Dowling, won the series after 18 days in the house.

Who are the people that have died in Big Brother?

Deaths 1 22 March 2009 – Jade Goody, Big Brother 3, Big Brother Panto and Celebrity Big Brother 5 housemate. (b. 1981) 2 17 May 2012 – Sophia Brown, Big Brother 10 housemate. (b. 1983) 3 9 April 2021 – Nikki Grahame, Big Brother 7 and Ultimate Big Brother housemate. (b. 1982)