What happened to Radio Disney on Sirius XM?

What happened to Radio Disney on Sirius XM?

Radio Disney has been removed from SiriusXM. Disney also has a Radio Disney mobile app that streams both stations along with additional content. It will be going out of service on January 22nd, 2021, which could be the official closing date of the networks.

What happened to Radio Disney Music Awards?

The Radio Disney Music Awards (RDMA) were an annual awards show operated and governed by Radio Disney, an American radio network. Radio Disney ceased operations on April 14, 2021, after switching to automated programing on January 1 of that same year. The network has made no statement about the future of the awards.

What channel is Disney Channel on Sirius XM?

Ch. 302
SiriusXM’s Disney Hits (Ch. 302) features everyone’s all-time favorite Disney music from movies, television shows, and more, all on one channel.

What station is Disney radio FM?

KEXB-FM 90.3 KMKI (620 AM) is home to Dallas/Fort Worth’s family-friendly radio station that owned and operated by the Walt Disney Company. Radio Disney plays popular Contemporary Hit music that kids and families listen to together!

What was the slogan of the Radio Disney?

Their slogan was “We’re all ears” that was used heavily on jingles. Radio Disney started with songs that were played on Top-40 stations as well as popular oldies and songs from various cartoon shows and movies.

When was the first Radio Disney Jams released?

Radio Disney Jams was a series of CD compilations of music that was featured on Radio Disney, a children’s radio network. The first album was released in 1999, titled Radio Disney Kid Jams, containing the top songs from Radio Disney’s playlist.

When did Radio Disney start the next big thing?

The former radio studio that housed Radio Disney in Dallas began to be used by The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show in 2008. The network launched on October 8, 2008 the Next Big Thing feature which allows listeners vote on young unsigned artists’ songs to be played. In 2013, the Radio Disney Music Awards began airing on the Disney Channel.

When did Radio Disney drop the word ” ears “?

Radio Disney will be part of the Cable Networks Group. This unit takes care of Disney’s cable holdings, except for ESPN . In April 2007, Radio Disney completely dropped the word “Ears” (from their first slogan, “We’re all ears!”) from their (old) phone number, ear mail, and from Playhouse Disney daily programming.