What happened to Steven from Real World Las Vegas?

What happened to Steven from Real World Las Vegas?

After Real World Steven appeared on Battle of the Sexes 2. Steven hosted of a radio show on the Fishbowl for a couple of months where he claimed that he would never do another Challenge. He then remarried to a model and they have children together.

Where is Irene McGee now?

Currently McGee lives in NYC where she is working on her show Me, Myself & Irene.

Who smacked Irene real world?

In 1998, on The Real World: Seattle, cast member Irene McGee was infamously smacked upside the head by roommate Stephen Williams as she was leaving the house (and the show).

Are Alton and irulan still together?

Irulan and Alton After they both appeared in 2003’s The Gauntlet as a couple, Alton returned to do The Gauntlet 2 in 2005 where he announced he was single. Today, he’s a junior stockbroker/entrepreneur with not much social media presence. As for Irulan, she works as a photographer and is happily married with a child.

Who is Stephen Williams from real world Seattle?

Stephen Williams, the Real World Seattle star best known for slapping Irene McGee in the face after she told him he was gay as she left the house, now admits he is, in fact, gay–and he’s engaged to a man.

Where can I watch Stephen from real world come out?

If you want to relive that still-iconic moment, Jezebel has the uncensored footage of Irene’s exit from one of the show’s DVDs, and the clip of Stephen coming out is on YouTube.

When did the real world start in Seattle?

Rebecca Lord and Nathan Blackburn rest on a bed in their “Real World” Seattle home on Pier 70, after a May 28, 1998 taping of the show. The show debuted in June of 1998.

Where does Tyler from real world live now?

He actually applied to be on The Real World after an accident left him unable to compete. Since Key West, Tyler has competed on MTV’s The Challenge and worked as a sports journalist and a personal trainer for the Boston Celtics. Today, he’s a project manager with Schoos Design Group and lives in West Hollywood.