What happened to Zaba Search?

What happened to Zaba Search?

Zabasearch was sold to Intelius in 2008. Intelius is wholly owned by Inome, Inc., 500 108th Avenue N.E., Suite 2200, Bellevue, WA 98004.

Is zaba search free?

ZabaSearch is a popular people-search tool that you can use for free. With ZabaSearch, you can find information about people across the U.S., including their names, phone numbers, addresses and ages. You can also get more-detailed information, like a background check, as a paid service.

How do I use Zaba Search?

To find someone’s information by searching for their name on ZabaSearch, just enter their first and last name in the text box on the home page. If you know the state they live in, choose it from the list, otherwise select All 50 States.

Is ZabaSearch safe?

ZabaSearch’s founders, Robert Zakari and Nicholas Matzorkis, maintain that the site is safe because it’s not a database where information is stored. Rather, they say, it’s a search engine that parses available public database records for individual information.

How do I find out information on a person for free? offers completely free information people searches to the general public. You can search by name or do reverse phone or reverse address search for someone. If you are using the name option, you can also input the city, state, or zip code if you know them to narrow your results.

Is zabasearch legal?

It’s called, and it’s legal because, according to the site, its data come from publicly available government records and commercial sources.

What is the best free website to find a person?

Best Free People Finder

  1. is a large digital identity database that receives more than 50 million unique visitors each month.
  2. Pipl. Source.
  3. Intelius.
  5. US Search.
  6. BeenVerified.
  7. Find People Search.
  8. That’s Them.

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