What happens to Eddi in Holby City?

What happens to Eddi in Holby City?

During the episode broadcast on 23 October 2012, Eddi left Holby to get help for her addiction. Shortly after the episode aired, it was confirmed that Potts had left the show after more than a year in the show. Producers did not announce her departure prior to the episode’s airing, in order to surprise viewers.

Who is the father of Zosia baby Holby City?

It’s going to be the most beautiful baby in the world, as Zosia Self (Camilla Arfwedson) revealed in tonight’s Holby City that the father of her baby is none other than Oliver Valentine.

Who is Kitty in Holby City?


Role Contributor
Kitty McDonald Mairead McKinley
Soloman Cazacu Marko Leht
Yasmani Arriaga Javier Caberiz
Paddy McDonald Peter Dineen

Who is the new female doctor in Holby?

BBC viewers are in for some major drama Holby City fan favourite Laila Rouass is making her big return as Sahira Shah to the BBC series. Dr Shah is back after a decade away from the show.

What happened to ABS in casualty?

In 2008, Redmond decided to leave Casualty. In the build up to his departure his producers killed off Stacey which caused Abs’ life to “spiral out of control”. He left during the episode titled “There and Back Again”, which was broadcast on 18 October 2008.

Who played Battleford in Ashes to Ashes?

Television and film

Year Show Role
2008 Harley Street Jeff Turner
Survivors Jimmy Garland
Telstar: The Joe Meek Story
2009 Ashes to Ashes Dr Battleford

What happened to Ollie and Zosia?

Zosia and Ollie ended up getting married, but she left Holby in 2017. The same year, Ollie was shot in the head by Henrik’s son, Fredrik. Although his colleagues managed to save Ollie, he was put into a coma and suffered a life-changing brain injury. He left in 2018, to go abroad.

What happened to Ollie in casualty?

Meanwhile Ollie is rushed into hospital again with another mysterious symptom. The teen – who is son of David and Rosalene Hide – tries to leave the hospital as they try to figure out what’s wrong with him. But he falls to the floor and suffers from a terrible seizure.

Who killed Victoria Merrick?

List of main character deaths

Character Cause of death
Andrew Bower Injuries sustained after being pushed down a flight of stairs by Tom Harvey
Victoria Merrick Stabbed by a patient
Patrick Spiller Injuries sustained in a car accident
Ben Saunders Cardiac arrest from injuries sustained in a car accident

Who is the new doctor on Holby City?

Former EastEnders star Davood Ghadami will be hitting TV screens on Tuesday night in Holby City as a new character with a painful secret. He will be making his debut in the TV medical drama as the cardiothoracic surgeon, Eli Ebrahimi.

Who plays the new consultant in Holby?

Davood Ghadami
Davood Ghadami joins the popular long-running medical drama as Eli Ebrahimi, Holby City’s new Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon. New character Eli is a talented, if slightly idiosyncratic surgeon. Excitable, passionate and exploding with energy, Eli puts work above everything.