What is 3E coach?

What is 3E coach?

3E – AC Three-Tier (economy) Air conditioned coaches with sleeping berths, present in Garib Rath Express trains. Berths are usually arranged as in 3A but with three tiers across the width and three longways. They are slightly less well-appointed, usually no reading lights or curtained off gangways.

What is the difference between 3AC and 3AC economy?

The new 3AC economy class coach has 83 berths, compared to 72 berths in the 3AC coaches, and have been developed with an aim to provide improved passenger-friendly amenities, according to the Railway Ministry.

What is Third AC economy?

Features of the AC 3 tier economy coach: -These coaches have 83 seats instead of 72. Passengers will get additional 11 berths in these coaches. -The coaches were specially designed for the convenience of the divyangs.

Is there 3e-3 tier AC in Duronto?

The AC 3E is available only in Garib Rath trains and handful of Duronto trains. But as per the guidelines of Railways, the passengers of AC Coaches must be provided with blankets and bedrolls. But in Garib Rath’s AC 3E, bed rolls are not given earlier.

What do you need to know about Duronto Express?

Duronto Express is a category of long-distance non stop source to destination trains run by the Indian Railways. Initially these trains did not have any ticketing stops between the origin and the destination, but since January 2016 it is possible to book tickets from those technical stops. “Duronto” means “restless” in Bangla.

What does the name of the train Duronto mean?

“Duronto” means “restless” in Bangla. These trains’ coaches have characteristic yellow-green livery. Duronto Express services connect the several metros and major state capitals of India.

Which is cheaper AC 3 tier or 3A?

AC 3 tier economy coaches (3E) have 9 berths in a compartment compared to 8 in an AC 3 tier (3A) compartment (3E has a side middle berth), hence it is cheaper than 3A. Bedding is included in fare of 3A while in 3E it was not included in the fare (don’t remember current rules).