What is 99 RS plan in BSNL?

What is 99 RS plan in BSNL?

Users who already subscribed to the Rs 99 plan can continue using the plan till the validity of the plan is reached. This plan offers unlimited voice calls without any restrictions to any network within India. Users will also get 25GB of fair usage policy (FUP) data for the month along with 100 SMS per day.

What is the best BSNL postpaid plan?

BSNL Postpaid Plans

Details Plan 199
Free Data with rollover facility for main and Family connections as 3 times the monthly free Data 25GB (Data rollover up to 75GB allowed)
Data charge after Freebies Rs.10.24/GB (1paisa/MB)
Free SMS in HPLMN and national roaming including Mumbai and Delhi in MTNL network 100SMS/day

Is BSNL 1999 plan available?

BSNL Rs 1999 prepaid plan: This annual prepaid plan offers 3GB daily data with unlimited calling and 100 SMS per day. The plan is available in all circles of India. It also gives OTT benefits from Eros Now for a year along with Lokdhun or BSNL TV content for 60 days.

How can I activate BSNL 99 plan?

with rs 99 write “STV99” and send it to 123. You can activate any service by sending STV + MRP to 123 number.

What is GP1 and GP2?

GP 2 is Grace period 2 and this starts post the 8th day of expiry of a subscribed BSNL prepaid plan. The duration of GP2 is 165 days and it starts after GP1 is over, When you add GP1 and GP2 days it comes up to 172 days and that is the total amount of Grace Period that BSNL provides for all its prepaid plans.

What is my BSNL postpaid plan?

How do I know my BSNL postpaid plan? To check which BSNL postpaid plan you’re on, simply send an SMS with the text ‘BILL’ to 53333 from your BSNL postpaid number. If you want to check the usage amount, you need to send an SMS with the text ‘AMT’ to 53333.

Which postpaid connection is best?

If you’re looking for a provider that offers the best data rollover option, consider Reliance Jio. With its low-cost INR 399 plan, this Jio postpaid plan offers 75GB of data, along with an added perk of up to 200GB data rollover.

Is BSNL 1999 plan 4G?

Here is new one year 4G prepaid plan, BSNL 1999 recharge with unlimited benefits by allowing 600GB 4G data with free voice and SMS along with Free PRBT & Lokdhun under GSM services available for one year with longer validity along with other new enhanced benefits…

How can I recharge my BSNL main plan from 1999?

This step is to be done as assuming your current tariff plan is PV153, Now just dial *124# and select Tariff Plan Change. You will be able to see PV1999 as first option and PV1699 towards the end. Select the given option for the plan and confirm to confirm the recharge.

How can I activate BSNL plan from main balance?

BSNL Prepaid Mobile customers having sufficient account balance can activate their favourite plans / special tariff vouchers by sending the required SMS keyword to 123. Customers may also activate any BSNL prepaid recharge offer by simply dialing USSD short code of corresponding plan / recharge offer.

What is the cost of BSNL post paid plan?

Subscribers should take note that for this plan and all other BSNL post-paid plans will be charged with Rs 500 as a security deposit for local + STD connections. Rs 2000 in case of local+STD and ISD connection, so the overall cost of one-time setup will come out to be Rs 600 or Rs 2,100 depending on your selection of a plan.

Why do I need BSNL postpaid SIM card?

The Data and Calling will be shared within the sim cards. Most of the Office owners use BSNL Postpaid Plans as they get a Printed Monthly bill to show it in company expenses and don’t have to worry about discontinuing any Sim connection. Why You Should Go for BSNL Postpaid Plans?

How to check the validity of BSNL 99 plan?

How To Check BSNL 99 Recharge Plan Validity Via BSNL App? 1 First, download the My BSNL app on your device. 2 Run the BSNL application on your mobile phone. 3 Now, sign in with your BSNL no. and OTP. 4 Go to your BSNL account dashboard and check your 99 BSNL plan details and validity. More

How can I recharge my BSNL number No.99?

Go to your BSNL account dashboard and check your 99 BSNL plan details and validity. To recharge your BSNL number from the main balance you have to send an SMS to 123. So if you want to recharge BSNL no. with rs 99 write “ STV99 ” and send it to 123. You can activate any service by sending STV + MRP to 123 number.