What is a cat 1 cyclist?

What is a cat 1 cyclist?

In almost every case, and no matter the discipline’s number of categories, Cat 1 always represents the most competitive amateur racing classification. In order to move from one category to the next, points need to be earned by the rider.

How do you become a cat 1 cyclist?

Moving from Cat. 2 to Cat. 1 requires 30 points in a 12-month period. Once you’re looking to upgrade to Cat.

Are Cat 1 cyclists pro?

The UCI and Professionals So what you need to be a “Pro” is a contract from a UCI registered team, but you do not need to be a cat 1 to get this. This is true, but for 2005 and forwards it has become even more blurry. It used to be Division 1, Division 2, Division 3 for UCI pro teams.

What does cat stand for in cycling?

A criterium, or crit, is a bike race consisting of several laps around a closed circuit, the length of each lap or circuit ranging from about 400 m to 10,000 m.

What does CAT 5 mean cycling?

Typical Cat 5 race: 5 guys who just bought a bike last week, 5 moderately fit racers, a few guys that do 50 races a year and always get dropped the first minute, that local dude who has legs like a Cat 1 who only does his local race once a year and wins, a few guys who are high level athletes in another sport giving …

How much is a USAC license?

Membership & License Fees

Standard Membership $50
Junior Membership FREE
Collegiate Membership $40
Family Membership (For up to 2 adults, and up to 3 juniors) $75

How do I get a UCI license?

The term “UCI license” kind of implies that the UCI issued it, but that is not the case. Getting an International License is easy. Just log into your USA Cycling account and then click “Purchase/Renew License”. The forth option down is “International Rider”.

What is a Category 2 bike?

INTENDED USE CATEGORY 2 Bicycles and frames in this category can be use on paved roads and on reasonably smooth off road trails. They are designed to handle small jumps and drops that exert forces equivalent to jumping a bike onto a flat surface from a height of approximately 15cm.