What is a ConCure unit?

What is a ConCure unit?

The Sovereign Concure Wall Mounted Unit provides ventilation for flats and basements; a single unit will ventilate the whole property. Condensation occurs when warm air collides with cold surfaces. The water vapour in the air is converted from a gas into a liquid forming droplets on the surface.

What is an anti condensation unit?

The Drimaster Anti-Condensation Unit offers a ventilation solution for the whole property, using the tried and tested Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) principle, where a small amount of fresh, filtered air is introduced into the home at a continuous rate, encouraging movement of air from inside to outside.

How much does a PIV unit cost?

You can expect running a PIV unit to cost 1p-2p in electricity a day.

How much does a PIV unit cost to run?

On average a PIV unit will consume 5 watts of power which will cost just 1p a day to run. As a result, PIV systems have long been considered one of the most affordable ways to provide whole home ventilation.

Is a PIV unit worth it?

The use of PIV in the home is beneficial for all ages but it is exceptionally advantageous for asthma sufferers or those with allergies as they will notice a significant improvement in their health. The system can also lower the levels of radon in affected areas.

Does PIV unit make house cold?

PIV units create air flow through positive air pressure If the moisture in your home’s air is too high, it will collect on cold surfaces, causing condensation, damp and mould – all of which can damage your property and negatively affect your health.

How much electricity does a PIV unit use?

Are PIV units worth it?

Are PIV units expensive to run?

Does a PIV unit making house cold?

Are PIV systems any good?

A PIV system can lower the humidity in the house, which can also prevent dust mite populations from thriving. As warm air rises, lofts are often comparatively warm spaces, and as this air is moved by the fresh air coming in, it can have a slight but significant impact on the temperature of the house.

How much do PIV units cost to run?

What do you mean by anti condensation protection?

Anti-condensation Protection. Definition – What does Anti-condensation Protection mean? Anti-condensation protection is a passive corrosion protection method for metallic surfaces that are prone to the formation of water droplets.

What are the advantages of the con cure system?

“ We’ve been using the Con-Cure system for many years now, and the biggest advantages are improvements in quality control with a dramatic reduction in waiting times for concrete strengths. We’ve probably saved nearly $5,000,000 over the years, in time, cement costs, labor, energy, and improved efficiency.”

How can I control the amount of condensation?

The colder winter months can also intensify any condensation issues making it ever harder to control the condensation. In the summer we can help reduce the amount of condensation forming by opening windows however, in winter it just isn’t practical to have open windows in regard to both temperature and keeping your home secure.

How to prevent condensation in electrical enclosures and outdoor applications?

Keeping the relative humidity inside an enclosure below 50% will prevent condensation issues for indoor applications. However, for outdoor enclosure a lower level is advisable due to the wider temperature variations. Condensation is the release of water vapour from the air.