What is a default password for WIFI?

What is a default password for WIFI?

#2) Generally, for most of the routers, the default username and password is “admin” and “admin”. However, these credentials may vary depending upon the maker of the router.

How do I find my default WIFI password?

Check your router’s default password, usually printed on a sticker on the router. In Windows, head to Network and Sharing Center, click on your Wi-Fi network, and head to Wireless Properties > Security to see your Network Security Key.

What is the username and password for Billion router?

The default login Username and Password for all Billion routers is: Username: admin Password: admin 3)Once entered with the correct login details and pressed ‘Ok’ you should be on the Billion router’s main page.

How do I access my Billion router settings?

Billion BiPAC 5200G – Quick setup guide

  1. Open your preferred internet browser and type the address 192.168.
  2. When prompted enter the username and the password as ‘admin’.
  3. Click the Quick Start link at the top of the next page.
  4. To start the configuration of your router click Run Wizard.
  5. Click Next to Continue.

What is the meaning of default password?

A default password is a standard pre-configured password for a device. Such passwords are the default configuration for many devices and, if unchanged, present a serious security risk. Default passwords are intended to be place holders and used only for the initial setup of hardware or after a factory reset.

What is chromebook WiFi password?

How do I find the WiFi password on my Chromebook?

  1. Enter developer mode on Chromebook. Press simultaneously Esc, Refresh, and Power Button. Press Ctrl + D on the first screen.
  2. Get the password in Chromebook Crosh shell. Press Ctrl+Alt+T to enter Crosh shell. You should get a code string that you have to copy.

How do I change my Billion router password?

– Click on Configuration – Click on Wireless – Click on Security 4. Change the WPA/WAPI Passphrase to your desired password. Please note: If the router is factory reset the password will revert to the one supplied by Call Flow.

What is the IP address for billion 7800nxl router?

Ensure that your computer is connected to your Billion 7800NXL with an Ethernet cable or wireless connection. Open your preferred web browser, for example: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox. (this number is called an IP Address ). The modem Log In page will open.

How to log in to a billion router?

In general you login to a Billion router in three steps: 1 Find Your Billion Router IP Address 2 Enter Your Billion Router IP Address Into your web browser’s Address Bar 3 Enter your Billion Router username and password when prompted More

Where is the DSL port on a billion router?

Figure 1: The ports on the back of a Billion 7800NXL router. Connect a phone cable from the Line or Wall Socket port on the ADSL splitter to the telephone port on your wall. Connect a phone cable from the ADSL Modem port on the ADSL splitter to the port labelled DSL on the back of the Billion router.