What is a duty mark on silver?

What is a duty mark on silver?

Duty Marks. In 1784 the duty mark was created to indicate that a tax on the item had been paid to the crown. The mark used was a profile portrait of the reigning monarch’s head. This is one of the marks that is no longer mandatory as it was abolished in 1890.

What does SMP silver mean?

Definition of SMP: The Label Planet code assigned to our range of silver matt metallic polyester labels. These labels are made of a silver polyester film with a matt metallic finish. They have a permanent adhesive and are suitable for use with laser printers only. These labels belong to our range of waterproof labels.

What does WM stand for on silver?

WM and English pseudo-hallmarks. William Moore, a Cape of Good Hope Colony silversmith. Active 1840-1863.

Does silver plate have hallmarks?

Silver is a soft metal which is used to make jewellery and objects. Silver plate items will not have a 925 stamp or a hallmark.

How do I find my Makers Mark?

Maker’s marks are the initials or name of the manufacturing firm or other representative symbol stamped into a gold, silver or platinum item. Also called ‘Trademarks,’ they often provide the only evidence that a certain piece of jewelry has indeed been manufactured by a certain jewelry maker.

What does WM stand for on jewelry?

The WM is the maker’s mark. STER means that it is sterling silver.

Is WM Rogers real silver?

Rogers sterling (often marked Wm Rogers – and also indicated ‘Sterling’) is actually pure silver. These indicate that your items are made from stainless steel, electroplated, or are simply silver plated.

Where can I find list of silver marks? is the most extensive internet resource for research of Silver Marks, Hallmarks, Trademarks & Maker’s Marks found on Antique and Vintage silver.

What does the control mark on sterling silver mean?

A typical hallmark on silver made in England for either export or sale in England. The control mark, a set of scales, was adopted in 1976. The scales mark certifies the acceptance of a 1976 treaty in which nations agreed to recognize each others hallmarks.

Where does the 925 mark on sterling silver come from?

In fact the vast majority of mass produced silver reproductions today, whether made in Thailand, India, England, Europe or America, now include 925 in the mark. With the 925 standard mark, a piece of silver can virtually be sold world wide with the same mark. The use of 925, however, does not preclude the use of sterling.

What are the symbols on a hallmark silver plate?

A typical English hallmark ca. 1890-1999, generally has four symbols and may have five. These symbols may be placed in any order. They include: 1) symbol for the town in which the silver content was certified, called an assay or town mark; 3) symbol representing the silversmith or factory which made the object, called maker’s mark or sponsors mark;