What is a Harley police Special?

What is a Harley police Special?

Peace Officer Electra Glide As a tribute to all law enforcement officers who selflessly give of themselves day in and day out. Harley-Davidson is proud to offer the Peace Officer Special Edition motorcycles for off-duty use.

Is a 1999 Harley Road King fuel Injected?

A fuel-injected version of the Twin Cam 88 motor was standard on the 1999 Harley-Davidson Road King Classic.

Is the Road King a good long distance bike?

Bottom line is, the Harley-Davidson Road King Special is a good touring bike but not the best. If you’re serious about long-distance biking, the simplistic Road King is advisable or the more pronounced and tech-savvy Road Glide or Electra Glide could fancy your interest.

What is a Road King police?

The Police Road King is a highway legend Harley-Davidson motorcycle with chrome styling and modern performance built to support the comfort and needs of police officers. The 2021 model comes with a mechanical adjustable actuation clutch and a limited 3 year, 60,000 mile factory warranty.

Does Harley-Davidson offer a law enforcement discount?

In recognition of Military Spouse Appreciation Day on Friday, Harley-Davidson has announced a special promotion for spouses of U.S. Military personnel and first responders such as law enforcement, fire, and EMS. Harley-Davidson is also a popular choice for law enforcement motorcycles across the U.S.

Is a 2000 Harley Davidson Road King fuel Injected?

The Road King® Classic is a motorcycle with enough traditional styling to drop jaws throughout the continent. The model is available with a fuel-injected, chrome-and-black Harley- Davidson® Twin Cam 88 engine. …

Are Road Kings comfortable?

We consider the Road King to be a bit of a purist’s bike amongst the Harley lineup. Passenger comfort is very good, with a wide pillion seat, floorboards and passenger grab rails just forward of the saddlebags. Luggage capacity is good for solo riders, and just OK for extended two-up touring.

Why is the Road King so popular?

All of that is reflected in the Road King, from the engine that it employs to every single line on the bike itself. It is the quintessential Harley-Davidson motorcycle, one that doesn’t shy away from all of the rich history and vintage design that the company has become so famous for over the years.

What is a FLHP?

Acronym. Definition. FLHP. Federal Lands Highway Program (FHWA)

What kind of car is the 1999 Harley Davidson Road King?

General information Model: Harley-Davidson Road King Year: 1999 Category: Custom / cruiser Rating: 3.7 See the detailed rating of design an

Is the Harley Davidson FLHR Road King a good ride?

For extra cool there’s also the Harley-Davidson FLHR Road King Classic and Harley-Davidson FLHR Road King Custom versions. Impressively plush and manageable. With its weight carried low the Harley-Davidson FLHR Road King is refreshingly stable and easy to steer, even at low speed. The ride is smooth and comfortable, too.

How big is the motor on a Harley Davidson Road King?

Like the rest of the big twin Hogs, the Harley-Davidson FLHR Road King’s ‘Twin Cam’ motor has just been boosted to 1584cc (from 1450cc and, before that, 1340cc) which gives it a healthy torque and midrange boost.