What is a medieval instrument that was developed from the Byzantine lyra?

What is a medieval instrument that was developed from the Byzantine lyra?

The Byzantine lyra or lira (Greek: λύρα) was a medieval bowed string musical instrument in the Byzantine (Eastern Roman) Empire….Byzantine lyra.

String instrument
Other names Byzantine lyra, lira, lūrā, Rum Kemençe, medieval fiddle, pear-shaped rebec

Who invented the Cretan lyra?

Unique to Crete, the lyra is the pear-shaped, three-stringed instrument that is played on the knee like a violin. Nothing is more Cretan than this ancient instrument, which according to Greek mythology, was first created by the god Hermes.

How do you play Pontian Lyra?

It can be played while standing up or sitting down and is held vertically. When seated, the bottom of the lyra is rested between the thighs of the player. The chords are touched with the flesh of the fingers, not the nails. There is no vibrato.

What does lyre mean in the Bible?

kinnor, ancient Hebrew lyre, the musical instrument of King David. According to the Roman Jewish historian Josephus (1st century ad), it resembled the Greek kithara (i.e., having broad arms of a piece with the boxlike neck), and kinnor was translated as “kithara” in both the Greek Old Testament and the Latin Bible.

What is the classification of drum and lyre?

percussion instruments
In the Philippines, a drum and lyre corps is a marching ensemble consisting of strictly percussion instruments and a color guard section. The drum and lyre corps originated in the Philippines, as an economical alternative to regular brass bands or a drum and bugle corps.

What is the classification of lyre xylophone?


Percussion instrument
Classification Percussion
Hornbostel–Sachs classification 111.212 (Concussive idiophone or set of percussion sticks whose sound is generated by way of being struck by a mallet)
Developed 9th century
Playing range