What is a pug mill for clay?

What is a pug mill for clay?

A pug mill is used for reclaiming and mixing clay in pottery studios and classrooms. Choose de-airing models that eliminate the added step of wedging the clay — or non de-airing models such as the Shimpo Pug Mill, which has an aluminum barrel.

What is a Deairing Pugmill?

The practice of removing air from clay as it is pugged. Deaired clay has better forming properties and produces a smoother fired surface.

What is a clay mixer used for?

A Clay Mixer works the clay and mixes it thoroughly distributing water throughout the clay until it’s at a perfectly workable consistency. A Pugmill prepares the clay by wedging it taking the air out of it, and moving it through the chamber. The clay then moves through the nozzle all ready to use.

How does pug mill works?

Pugmill Mixer Operation The counter-rotating shafts, combined with the mixer’s high torque and medium shear, create a kneading and folding over motion inside the trough, which lifts material up through the center of the shafts, and pulls it back down the sides to create an intimate mixture of materials.

How does a Deairing Pugmill work?

De-airing pugmills use a vacuum to suck air out of the clay. When you buy pugged clay (anything you buy which is pre-mixed in 25# bags), it has been de-aired. It seems that only wheel throwers want clay that has been de-aired.

What is a wedging table?

These are plaster slabs and plaster-surfaced tables for wedging your clay. Wedging tables are very popular items in shared studio spaces and classrooms because the plaster sucks the moisture out of the clay that is thrown on to it. Wedging is a breeze!

How are pug mills used in the pottery industry?

Pug mills are used in the pottery industry to mix and knead clay to the desired consistency before shaping it.

Do you need a pugmill for a clay mixer?

If you are interested in mixing clay from scratch, or recycling scraps of clay at various stages of drying, then you may consider a combination clay mixer/pugmill.

Which is the pug mill KF 55 or KF 57?

The KF 55 is a 100mm, 4” Vertical Pugmill with the capacity to handle all types of clays. The main body is manufactured from aluminium, and the auger is made … The KF 57 is a 100m 4” Horizontal Pugmill, and is has the equivalent specifications as the KF 55.

Which is the best type of pugmill to use?

The … The KF 76 is a 75mm outlet de-airing Pugmill is ideal for the School and other Educational establishments The Pugmill can produce plastic clay of a good quality that can … The KF 77 has all the advantages of standard vertical Pugmills, with the added extra of only requiring a minimal amount of space.