What is a root word for graph?

What is a root word for graph?

-graph-, root. Telecommunications-graph- comes from Greek, where it has the meaning “written down, printed, drawn.

What is the meaning of Graphein?

The word “graphein” is simply the Greek present active infinitive of the verb meaning “scratch,” “carve,” or “write” (γράφειν).

What is the suffix of graph?

1. Suffix indicating something written, as in monograph, radiograph. 2. Suffix indicating the instrument for making a recording, as in kymograph.

What are words that start with graph?

8-letter words that start with graph

  • graphics.
  • graphite.
  • grapheme.
  • graphing.
  • graphene.
  • graphism.
  • graphium.
  • graphviz.

What is the meaning of Geo and Graphein?

Geography (Greek Geo (γη) or Gaea (γαία), meaning “Earth”, and graphein (γράφειν) meaning “to describe” or “to write”) is the study of the earth and its features, inhabitants, and phenomena. A literal translation would be “to describe or write about the Earth”.

What is meant by the term fecundity?

Fecundity is the physiological maximum potential reproductive output of an individual (usually female) over its lifetime and represents one of the major cornerstones of theoretical and applied population biology. Fertility, a related concept, is defined as the current (actual) reproductive performance of an individual.

What are words that end with graph?

10-letter words that end in graph

  • photograph.
  • phonograph.
  • radiograph.
  • lithograph.
  • pantograph.
  • micrograph.
  • mimeograph.
  • pictograph.

What does the medical suffix gram mean?

To describe this, you would use the suffix -gram, meaning ‘record’ or ‘picture. ‘ For example, ‘electrocardiogram’ means ‘the record of electrical activity of the heart. The last of these suffixes dealing with records and recording is -graph which is the ‘instrument used to record or take a picture.

Where does the word graphein come from in Greek?

It is worth noting that in Greek graphein means “to write” or “to paint” The word ‘photography’ was coined by scientist Sir John F.W. Herschel in 1839 (though it had been coined seperately by Hercules Florence in 1834!) and is actually is derived from two Greek words: ‘photos’ meaning light and ‘ graphein ’ meaning draw.

Are there any list words with a graph?

List words containing GRAPH – full list. agrapha 14. agraphia 15. agraphias 16. agraphic 18. allograph 18. allographic 23. allographs 19. anemograph 21.

Which is the root word for the word graph?

Graph is the root-word for many other words. 1. Graph : GRAPH (graf) n. 2. Graphite : GRAPH ite (graf’ ite) n. 3. Graphology : GRAPH ology (gra fol’ o jee) n. 4. Graphomania : GRAPH omania (graf o may’ ni a) n. 5. Graphomotor : GRAPH omotor (graf o moe’ ter) adj.

How did the word graphite get its name?

Graphite was named from the Greek verb graphein meaning to write because it was used in the manufacture of pencils.