What is a six in one mean?

What is a six in one mean?

idiom. —used to say that one does not see any real difference between two possible choices.

What does the slang 6 mean?

The slang term “The 6” (also spelled The Six) is a noun which is used to reference Toronto, Canada. The 6 was coined and popularized by Drake.

Is it one sixth or one sixth?

Conversion Chart / Fractions and Percentage Converter, Fractions ** one sixth or . 1(6): 1….Fractions.

one sixth or .1(6) to half or .5 (1/2) 0.3333
one sixth or .1(6) to one sixteenth or .0625 (1/16) 2.667

What does six of 1/2 a dozen of the other mean?

Definition of it’s six of one, half (a) dozen of the other US, informal. —used to say that one does not see any real difference between two possible choices.

Where does the saying six of one half a dozen of the other come from?

The expression comes from the fact that half a dozen is an expression that means six. The idiom six of one, half a dozen of the other came into use in the 1700s. The earliest known use of the expression occurred in a journal kept by a British naval officer, Ralph Clark, in 1790.

Why do they call it the 6?

The most popular explanation of the term probably comes from thelemonwarrior via Urban Dictionary: “The city of Toronto. Named of the city’s two area codes, 416 and 647. The term was popularized by Drake and is only used by Drake and people who don’t live in Toronto.”

Why do they say watch your 6?

Your intuitions are correct; the phrase ‘watch your six’ does indeed mean ‘watch your back’. It refers to the 6 position on the face of a clock. If you were standing in the center of a clock face, facing the 12 position, the 6 position would be immediately behind you.

What is one-sixth called?

one-sixth – one part in six equal parts. sixth. common fraction, simple fraction – the quotient of two integers.

What is 1/6 in a fraction?

Decimal and Fraction Conversion Chart

Fraction Equivalent Fractions
3/5 6/10 36/60
4/5 8/10 48/60
1/6 2/12 12/72
5/6 10/12 60/72

What is the difference between 6 and half a dozen?

It’s all the same; there’s no difference between them.