What is a Wealdstone Raider?

What is a Wealdstone Raider?

Gordon Hill (born 31 January 1966), better known as The Wealdstone Raider, is an English builder who later gained prominence as an Internet meme. The nickname “Wealdstone Raider” came from the title of the original video uploaded by YouTube user dazman21.

How old is the Wealdstone Raider?

55 years (January 31, 1966)
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How tall is the Wealdstone Raider?

1.57 m
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What year was the Wealdstone Raider?

Life as ‘The Wealdstone Raider’: What Happens When You Become a Living Meme. In 2013, 55-year-old Gordon Hill had his life turned upside down when a clip of him at a non-League football match went viral.

Where is the Wealdstone Raider from?

Harrow, United Kingdom
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Where was Wealdstone Raider filmed?

It features him at the grounds of Whitehawk FC as they took on his beloved Wealdstone FC. It was filmed by Whitehawk supporter Darren Ward and escalated when he realised he was being videoed.

Who Filmed Wealdstone Raider?

The nickname “Wealdstone Raider” came from the title of the original video uploaded by YouTube user dazman21. Coincidentally, Hill claimed his brother had the nickname of “Raider” ten years prior to the upload.

Who is the Wealdstone Raider in the video?

Pint-sized Gordon Hill – best known as The Wealdstone Raider after a video of him goading opposition fans went viral – was amidst the chaos as hooligans from both his beloved Wealdstone FC and rivals Whitehawk clashed on Saturday Mobile recordings show the Raider, 49, squaring up to home fans as he is held back by two burly friends

How much has the Wealdstone Raider raised for charity?

Hill apparently has already raised £500,000 for charity, including by charging fans £2 for a photo with him, and through the promotion of his charity single. Hill has an agent who takes bookings for him to appear at nightclubs and events.

How tall is Gordon Hill from Wealdstone Raider?

The Wealdstone Raider Born Gordon Hill ( 1966-01-31) 31 January 196 Occupation Roofer, builder, charity fundraiser, nov Years active 2013–present Height 1.57 m (5 ft 2 in)